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Industrial Radar Sensor Solutions

RIOT100 Radar Motion and Presence Detection

Radar sensors are extremely versatile in their application. Our RIOT100 devices bring powerful features to smart devices of the future. NOVELIC mmWave RIOT100 sensors provide reliable and robust motion sensing in a small, easy-to-integrate, and cost-effective packaging.

The following applications are addressed:

  • Lighting Solutions

RIOT100 is specifically engineered for use in lighting systems. The design goal of this sensor is to provide a competitive advantage over traditional PIR sensors. High motion detection sensitivity achievable with radar sensors ensures that your lighting solution keeps track of a user’s presence even in scenarios when the user is sitting still and PIR sensors are unable to pick up any motion at all.


In addition to its advanced detection performance, this sensor is capable of recognizing the distance of any detected objects. It is thus possible to precisely limit the detection range to the area of interest. It is often hard to install and angle an outdoor PIR sensor in a way that prevents it from reacting to any passer-by outside of desired detection area while maintaining satisfactory detection performance. With our easy-to-use distance limiting feature, fiddling with the sensor orientation now belongs to the past.


Radars do not need an optical path like PIR and cameras or contact with the surrounding air like ultrasonic sensors. This is why they can be integrated behind a wide range of non-conductive materials such as plastic, wood, or even ceramics. There is no need for cut-outs or lenses that disrupt the appearance and texture of your product’s design.

  • Security Systems

Radar is a very robust technology perfect for outdoor use. It can work in harsh weather conditions such as rain or snowfall and still provide highly sensitive and reliable detection of any intruders trying to enter a protected area. Any movement, no matter how slow, is detected.


Since radar security systems do not require any visible or IR floodlights, they can be fully concealed and installed discreetly and unobtrusively.


Radar is completely independent of ambient and object temperatures. Its main advantage is the fact that detection sensitivity will not degrade even when outside temperatures rise to the human body temperature and PIRs cannot detect any motion. Radar technology makes it impossible to mask the heat signature of a person to prevent being detected.

  • Automatic Sliding Doors

Radar is already commonly used as the main activation technology for automatic sliding doors. However, nowadays most of the radars used in this application are simple motion sensors. More sophisticated models may even be able to detect the movement direction of objects but are incapable of any distance measurements.

With simple sensors, automatic door systems can be triggered by cross traffic or people standing in the vicinity of the door. NRM302 enables precise distance measurement to define the exact trigger zone in front of the door and help differentiate between people lingering close to the entrance and those approaching with the intention to enter.

By knowing the distance and velocity of every object in the detection area, the system can calculate the arrival time of every person approaching the door. This improves cross-traffic cancellation and ensures that the door activates at the right moment, without people having to wait.


Zone Radar Monitoring (ZORM) Radar Sensor Solution

Radar as a detection technology is the best choice in rough environments when high reliability is a must. This sensor solution is equipped with all necessary RF, hardware, and software components required for stand-alone operation. The application software runs directly on the sensor and provides all relevant application data without the need for any additional radar signal processing on the user side.

The following applications are addressed:

  • Robotics

The sensor is installed on industrial robots and observes their surroundings. ZORM detects people and objects that are in the robot’s vicinity and might be a collision hazard. By knowing exactly where people and other objects are, robots do not need to be fenced off and can collaborate with humans in a more productive and safe work environment.

  • Safety Zones

In industrial manufacturing, people work around large machines with moving parts that can pose safety hazards to the workforce. The view around machines is often obstructed, making it difficult to safely navigate near them. Zone monitoring radar sensors detect people entering safety zones, even behind corners. Radar detection can be used to alarm the system and automatically shut down machines if a person enters the restricted zone.

  • Security Systems

Reliable motion detection and very low false alarm rates are key to a trustworthy security system. The sensor can be installed on its own or in addition to security cameras. Radar sensors penetrate through fog and rain and work in completely dark environments without any need for IR illumination. High performance in all weather conditions makes radar the ideal technology to help security personnel focus on real threats and not be distracted by false alarms.

GuideR Radar – Reflector Sensor System

GuideR Technology Concept

The GuideR system concept introduces a combination of radar sensors with a network of specially designed reflectors. These reflectors provide 3D position information, enabling radars to perfectly scan any area or an object of interest.

GuideR can be used wherever protection, guidance, and safety are of great importance.

Different classes of applications may include:
  • 3D position detection, 3D movement tracking, and object shape, based on predefined reflectors positioned on the surfaces of the objects of interest
  • Autonomous driving features enhancement providing more safety and additional redundancy in sensor fusion algorithmics.
The existence or nonexistence of the detected marked area with reflectors allows for sets of applications related to safety and security:
  • Detection of established reflectors scattering interruption
  • Classification and/or counting of objects or intrusions passed
  • Lateral movement speed detection for rotating objects
  • People and object marking and identification

Examples of Possible Applications:

Autonomous Industrial Machinery – movement in controlled and known area

Autonomous Cranes – precise detection of shape, position and 3D orientation

Link to technology video demonstration

Autonomous Driving and Parking in Known Area – Smart Logistics

Access Control, Personal Security and Safety Enhancement

Link to technology video demonstration

Intrusion Detection/Substitute for Laser System

Link to technology video demonstration

The Technology Behind

The GuideR system: