Radar Motion and Presence Detection

RIOT100 Radar
Human Presence Detection

RIOT100 can be used for controlling lights, security systems, escalators, elevators and automatic doors.
  • Extremely reliable human presence sensor
  • Detects micromovements whether people are moving or standing still
  • Custom detection range up to 25 m
  • Provides maximum energy savings for smart lighting and IoT systems
  • Fully anonymous
  • Optimal for lighting, smart home, automation, and security systems
  • Invisible, seamless integration behind non-conductive materials (glass, plastics, wood, ceramics)
  • Low-latency detection
  • Requires no external data processing

Why RIOT100?

Precise Micromovement Detection

Human presence detection with radar means no more waving to turn the lights back on. Detects micromovements whether people are walking, sitting, or standing still.

Works in All Conditions

Operates indoors or outdoors. Works flawlessly in all weather and lighting conditions. Resistant to extremely high and low temperatures.

Wide Customizable Detection Range

Customizable detection range up to 25 meters. Every movement out of range will be ignored.

Maximum Energy Savings

Turns the lights/equipment off as soon as the room is empty. No need to set a turn-off timer and waste energy until the time passes.

Completely Anonymous

Guarantees full privacy protection, and captures no visual data. Ideal for use in restrooms or workspaces where camera use is prohibited.

Invisible Integration

Works flawlessly behind materials like glass, plastic, wood, ceramics. Simple to install in your interior, completely hidden, and hard to disable in security breach attempts.

Up to 360-Degree Field of View

Covers up to 360-degree for ceiling mounting setups.

Internal Signal Processing

No need for an external unit, all data is processed internally.

Cross-Traffic Cancellation

Enables using patterns based on object distance, direction, and speed to cancel out cross traffic or turn equipment on/off.


Detects motion and presence, shows movement direction, distance, and speed, simultaneously detects multiple objects

Easy to Use

No complicated setup or turn-off time setting. Pick the desired range and RIOT100 does the rest of the work.

Low-Latency Presence Detection

Quick to detect movement with minimal presence detection latency.

Why Choose NOVELIC

NOVELIC is the world’s premier provider of mmWave radar sensors and perception solutions, with over 10 years of expertise in challenging IoT and industrial projects.


smart lighting control

Lighting Control

Lighting Control


Micromovement detection makes RIOT100 radar sensor superior to PIR sensors, keeping the lights on as long as there are people present in the area, even if they are standing still. Distance and movement tracking enables you to turn the lights on and off as people are moving, ideal for staircases and hallways. Easily set up different detection zones with custom lighting settings and limit detection with one click.


RIOT100 is not affected by high temperatures, which makes it ideal for outdoor use in hot climate zones where PIR sensors become unreliable. Invisible integration behind non-conductive materials makes RIOT100 perfect for luxurious lighting, as it does not disrupt the design.

Security Systems

Security Systems

Security Systems


Camera-based security systems require a lot of power and video data storage. RIOT100 is ideal as a complementary sensor that will keep cameras in standby mode until movement is detected. Ensures next-level security by providing precise information on the distance and movement of intruders. Works flawlessly in poor lighting and detects targets behind obstacles that are invisible to cameras.


Anonymous detection makes RIOT100 radar sensor a perfect solution when cameras cannot be used for privacy reasons. The sensor can be invisibly placed behind different materials, making it impossible for intruders to detect and disable it.

escalator control

Escalator Control


Escalator Control


Use RIOT100 radar sensor to start, stop, or adjust the escalator speed when people approach it or move away. Movement direction tracking allows for smart control as the sensor can be set to ignore people who pass by without the intention to ride the escalator. Allows for passenger volume tracking that lets you plan optimal times for predictive maintenance when traffic is the lowest.


Prolong equipment life by reducing wear and tear with smart activation. Save energy by turning escalators off when there is no traffic. Invisible integration makes RIOT100 resistant to vandalism.


automatic door and elevator activation

Automatic Door and Elevator Activation

Automatic Door and Elevator Activation


RIOT100 radar sensor enables contactless activation of automatic doors or elevator call buttons. Movement direction tracking prevents doors from being activated by passers-by with no intention of entering. You can use RIOT100 to adjust the door opening speed based on the distance and movement speed of the approaching people.


The sensor is ideal for smart call button activation of elevators operating between two levels. Save energy by canceling elevator activation if a person leaves the waiting area.

How RIOT100

RIOT100 Human Presence Detection Sensor Overview

Human Presence detection

Motion and Presence Detection

wide motion and presence detection range

Wide Custom Detection Range

360 degree motion and presence detection

360° Field of View

extensive testing toolset

Maximum Energy Saving