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NOVELIC provides comprehensive research, design, and development services for power electronics systems and solutions.

Our expertise in power electronics engineering is complemented by world-class embedded engineering capabilities, encompassing full-stack embedded software and hardware development, systems engineering, mechanical design, and HIL and SIL test systems.

Our engineering teams specialize in delivering advanced solutions for battery management systems, power control units, and a wide range of supporting embedded software and hardware components.

What we offer

power electronics services

Power Electronics Projects

Battery Management System for Mobility


Improvements to the existing battery management system for two-wheelers.

Project Highlights:

  • BMS optimization for industrialization
  • Modifications due to operating voltage change
  • Balanced charging and battery capacity tracking
  • Advanced battery health functions
battery management system mobility

Control Unit for Power Converters


A turnkey project for a global leader in electrical equipment manufacturing with the goal to develop a control unit for power converters. Our team was in charge of hardware and firmware development and mechanical design.

Project Highlights:

  • Receiving setpoint for the firing angle via Ether CAT or Profinet from the master control unit
  • Calculation and implementation of the firing pulse delay Δα based on the 3UIφ + If measurement on the power converter input and output to achieve bridge current balancing
  • Generation of the control pulses for the firing cards
  • DIO + AIO for the interface with the system. On board AC current measurement 0-5A and AC voltage measurement 0-120V
  • On-board AC current measurement (0-5 A) and AC voltage measurement (0-120 V)
  • High voltage measurement up to 2 kV on a separate detection board
  • UART communication via fiber optics with the detection board for high-voltage measurement
  • Ultra-fast data acquisition (DAQ) with pre-triggering functions
  • Complex mechanical design with a combination of large-diameter copper conductors and optic cables on one board, optimized to solve space restraint challenges

Ultra-Fast Communication for Power Control Algorithm Optimization


The development of ultra-fast interfaces for H-bridge control, providing high-speed measurements that allow for power control algorithm optimization in terms of higher efficiency and lower switch dissipation.

Project Highlights:

  • Design of PHIL (Power Hardware-In-the-Loop) modules and applications on SoC (Xilinx Zynq)
  • Design of custom modules in HDL (control and DSP modules)
  • Design of custom communication protocol modules in HDL
  • Development and maintenance of a multi-board system with multiple communication protocols and chip families


BMS Development Services

BMS Development

Size and performance optimization, balance charging, and advanced battery health for mobility systems.

Power Control Units Design Services

Power Control Units

Hardware, firmware, and mechanical design and development for power converter control units.

Power control algorithm optimization

Ultra-Fast Power Control Interfaces

Power HIL modules and applications that enable high-speed measurements for power control algorithm optimization.

hardware and software development services

Hardware and Software Development

Complex embedded hardware and software solutions for power electronics systems.