Granted Patents

„mmWave seat occupation radar sensor “; United States Patent No.: 9,862,271 B2 Date of Patent: Jan 9. 2018

„mmWave radar driver fatigue sensor apparatus “; United States Patent No.: 9,865,150 B2 Date of Patent: Jan 9. 2018

Deutsches Gebrauchsmuster: GBM 212015000102, “mmWave radar driver fatigue sensor apparatus” in German

Published patent applications:

  • mmWave sensor system for parking assistance, WO/2016/204641
  • mm radar sensor system for gesture and movement analysis, WO/2017/131545
  • Apparatus and operation method for visually impaired, WO/2014/168499
  • mmWave perimeter control apparatus and method of operation, RS 2014/0717
  • mmWave radar vital signs detection apparatus and method of operation, WO/2015/174879

Non-Published pending patent applications:

  • mmWave radar sensor for distance measurements in short and medium range
  • mmWave system in package for parking assistance
  • Emotion sensor apparatus and method of operation