Radar Characterization

Comprehensive Radar Characterization

embedded radar characterization
  • Evaluating or validating radar characteristics in a diverse set of situations
  • Embedded, isolated in RF anechoic chamber, or real-world environment field testing
  • With our facilities and vast experience in radar technology, we deliver a high-quality service for all your radar measurement needs
  • Accurate characterization for any type of short-range mm-wave radar, most notably imaging radars, continuous-wave, and pulse radars

NOVELIC for competence, expertise, and solutions

With our years of experience in custom radar design, research, and validation, we are able to ensure experts in the field with the right competencies and knowledge to solve any diverse set of radar characterization requirements.

Evaluation of Embedded Radar Characteristics

  • Detailed analysis of embedded radar characteristics done by experts in the field with a modern set of tools.
  • Evaluating board S parameters, reflection coefficient, output power, and other relevant parameters in the functional testing process may give you relevant insight in DUT important for design improvements.
  • Custom antenna design for radar SoCs for testing is unique solution we offer.
radar characterization - radiation pattern measurements

Radiation Pattern Measurements

Anechoic Chamber for Consistent Measurements

radar characterization - 79GHz radar sensor in anechoic chamber

79GHz Radar Sensor in Anechoic Chamber

  • By eliminating external RF noise and attenuating a wide range of reflected waves, we are able to analyze a radar system with greater precision and gain insight that otherwise would not be achievable.
  • Chamber design and RF absorbent materials according to industry standards rated for great attenuation in the 18GHz to 110GHz range.
  • A controlled lab environment along with our instrumentation makes us competent for any type of radar characteristic analysis such as determining a field of view, range, receiver sensitivity, or EMC testing.

Field Testing

  • Radar field testing is a vital part of the validation process since it provides the best estimation of the use case performance of the end product.
  • Determining desired characteristics of an embedded radar in various real-world scenarios with radar target simulators, high precision mechanical components, and modern RF testing instruments.
  • Radar FoV, resolution, accuracy, range, object separation are all examples of a custom set of test cases that can be tailored to customers’ requirements.
radar characterization - field testing

All Your Radar Characterization Needs Met in One Place

Vast experience in designing radar modules and antennas

Anechoic chamber in the 18GHz-110GHz range

High-quality RF test equipment including spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, signal generators, and radar target simulators

Software simulation tools such as CST Microwave Studio, WIPL-D, and ADS Momentum for larger structures

Innovative radar-in-the-loop lab testing approach

Environmental testing