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ADAS Solutions

NOVELIC is a next-level perception systems company.
Aside from automotive radar sensors, we also offer advanced ADAS solutions:


Radar Solutions – NoraSens

Platforms and complementary development support for clients’ products on the bleeding edge of mmWave radar sensor development.

Embedded Engineering – NCORE

End-to-end product development and testing of
embedded systems, antenna, and mechanical systems. We provide product engineering for automotive and medical industries. 


Semiconductor Solutions – NIRSEN

NIRSEN is a NOVELIC-owned chip engineering service company, specializing in millimeter-wave/AMS circuits, digital ASIC design services and front-end systems.

RIOT100 Human Presence Detection Sensor

Configurable, power-efficient and easy-to-integrate solution for controlling lighting systems, automatic doors, escalators and elevators.

ACAM – A Single-Module Automotive In-Cabin Monitoring Solution

A 60Ghz radar sensor for multiple in-cabin monitoring features: child presence detection, seat occupancy detection, intrustion & proximity alert.

Shorten your time-to-market with our engineering services!

We offer premium embedded engineering engineers, including end-to-end embedded software development, systems engineering, electronics and mechanics, HIL&SIL test systems, and more.

Custom Analog & Digital ICs, SoCs, FPGA solutions

Our NIRSEN division provides world-class semiconductor design and engineering services for all industries.

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AutoSens 2024 Europe See NOVELIC’s latest radar technology in Barcelona – 8-10 October 2024

NOVELIC is exhibiting at AutoSens Europe 2024 and InCabin Europe 2024 in Barcelona

electronica 2024See NOVELIC’s embedded engineering competencies in Munich – 12-15 November 2024

NOVELIC is exhibiting at electronica 2024 in Munich

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