Automotive & Mobility Services and Solutions

ADAS & SDV Development and Support

NOVELIC leverages its automotive IP portfolio and embedded engineering expertise to provide tailored solutions for software-defined vehicles, developing ADAS software and hardware solutions.

Our clients are top automotive OEM and Tier 1 companies, and we take pride in our vast
radar, sensor, and electronics expertise.

Automotive Automated Annotation

Traffic conditions change fast. The timeframe to react and avoid collision is often measured in milliseconds.

Autonomous driving systems need to make the right decisions as quickly as possible based on observed data. The foundation of this is reliable automotive annotation.

By working on challenging and novel projects, we have gained the experience necessary to develop a unique automotive annotation system powered by deep learning. NOVELIC provides a holistic annotation service, from real-world road scanning sensor setup and dataset generation to classification algorithms optimization.

automotive automated annotation

Our Services

  • Lidar, camera, and radar recording
  • Synthetic data generation
  • Multisensor automotive annotation
  • Annotation task management platform
  • Semi-automatic, single-click annotation
  • Deep learning models for point cloud data
  • Dataset analysis
  • Dataset training, validating, and testing
  • Model performance optimization
automotive sensor fusion dataset generation

Dataset Generation

automotive  multisensor annotation

Multisensor Annotation

annotation task management platform

Annotation Task Management Platform

automotive deep learning models

Deep Learning Models

Automotive Sensor Fusion

automotive  sensor fusion

In the automotive industry, safety is everything.

Systems with multiple sensors provide more information and precision compared to single-sensor setups.

The challenge with the multisensor approach is sensor fusion – merging data from different sensors in a way that is fast, synchronized, and optimized for decision-making.

We offer precise calibration and synchronization of ADAS sensors (camera, radar, lidar, inertial) to achieve effective sensor fusion.

Our deep learning algorithms are used by neural networks to decide the optimal sensor fusion strategy (early, mid-level, late).

Our Services

  • Multisensor fusion
  • Sensor calibration
  • Sensor synchronization
  • Deep learning fusion algorithms
automotive camera radar lidar sensor fusion

Camera, Radar, Lidar Sensor Fusion

automotive sensor calibration

Precise Calibration

automotive sensor synchronization

Sensor Synchronization

ai powered sensor fusion

AI-Powered Fusion

ECU Development Support

ECU is the brain of a vehicle, processing vital information and providing control of all parts of the system.

Not only does an ECU need to be fast and reliable – it has to be compliant with high automotive industry standards and resistant to environmental challenges such as heat or mechanical stress.


NOVELIC provides full-circle support in the development, testing, and validation of automotive ECU software and hardware.


We ensure conformance with international automotive standards, quality, and architectures.

automotive ecu development support

Our Services

  • Automotive ECU testing and integration
  • Full-stack embedded ECU software development
  • ASIL-A/ASIL-B software module design and validation
  • ECU hardware development (schematic/PCB design, integration, and testing)
  • Functional, electrical, and environmental hardware validation
  • Thermal, stress, and modal hardware analysis
  • ISO 26262 and AUTOSAR compliance
automotive ecu software development

ECU Software Development

automotive ecu hardware development

ECU Hardware Development

automotive ecu testing and validation

ECU Testing and Validation

iso 26262 and autosar compliance

ISO 26262/AUTOSAR Compliance

Automotive Testing and Validation

automotive testing and validation

Since passengers’ lives are at stake, every part of a vehicle needs to be rigorously and meticulously tested.

Advanced driver assistance systems require thorough testing, integration, and validation process that covers everything from software units to hardware components.


Our testing teams are experienced in providing comprehensive testing and validation services to top automotive clients.


We use industry-approved tools and NOVELIC HIL (hardware-in-the-loop) IPs to optimize, automate, and improve the testing process.

Our Services

  • Unit testing
  • Module testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing and validation
  • HIL testing
  • Conformance testing
conformance testing

Conformance Testing

hil testing

HIL Testing

adas software testing

Automotive Software Testing

automotive hardware testing

Automotive Hardware Testing

Automotive Cybersecurity

Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) are vulnerable to all kinds of cyberattacks that can result in unauthorized access to personal information, vehicle software modification, ransomware, and even vehicle theft.

With more connectivity, vehicles require more security.

NOVELIC leverages its knowledge of automotive software and hardware obtained through years of challenging ADAS and other projects to offer cybersecurity services for connected and autonomous vehicles.

automotive cybersecurity

Our Services

  • Cybersecurity for CAVs
  • Security standards compliance
  • Cloud offerings (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) risk assessment
  • Supplier risk assessment
automotive cybersecurity consulting

Cybersecurity for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

iso security standards compliance

ISO Security Standards Compliance

automotive cloud offering risk assessment

Cloud Offering Risk Assessment

supplier risk assessment

Supplier Risk Assessment

AURIX Development and Testing

adas solutions aurix development and testing

AURIX TriCore is a family of Infineon’s 32-bit microcontrollers made for the automotive industry.

With a wide range of embedded safety and security features, AURIX enables the highest level of safety (ASIL-D) necessary for most of today’s automotive applications.

NOVELIC offers accelerated AURIX DSP and software development support using AURIX Development Studio, TASKING toolset, Lauterbach, HighTec, and other tools.

Our Services

  • AURIX TriCore DSP and software development support
  • AUTOSAR compliance
aurix dsp and software development

AURIX DSP and Software Development and Testing

asil-d compliance

ASIL-D Compliance

autosar compliance

AUTOSAR Compliance

automotive ai powered edge computing

AI-Powered Edge Computing