Medical engineering services

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NCORE offers research, design, and development services for medical devices and instruments. Our medical device engineering is backed with world-class embedded engineering competence, including full-stack embedded software development, systems engineering, electronics and mechanics, HIL & SIL test systems, as well as analog and digital chip design.

Our engineering teams have expertise in delivering solutions for pioneering electronic medical devices in the fields of non-invasive diagnostics and robotic systems for percutaneous radiologic and oncologic procedures.

What we offer

medical product development
  • Expert consulting – end-to-end product engineering
  • Proof-of-concept (POC)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Medical device product design
  • Design and development of medical device analog or digital hardware
  • Design and development of medical device firmware and software
  • Design and development of multilayer PCBs for medical devices
  • Functional and conformance testing
  • Regulatory compliance support (IEC 60601-1:2005+AMD1:2012 and others)

Medical Device Research and Development

NCORE provides proof of concept and feasibility studies for a wide range of innovative electronic medical devices, medical robots, or medtech solutions that use batteries, wireless charging, PCBs, embedded hardware, embedded firmware, and microprocessors.

GLAM – a photonic-based point-of-care device for cancer diagnosis


GLAM (glass-laser multiplexed biosensor) was a project supported by the Horizon 2020 EU research and innovation funding program, aimed at providing non-invasive detection of genitourinary cancer. The goal was to design and develop a diagnostic tool for detecting biomarkers in the urine and help oncologists make better treatment decisions.


We participated in multidisciplinary R&D activities, targeting new sensor system development for health care and medical use. Our team focused on system design and the design of an integrated portable device based on novel photonic sensors based on laser microring resonators, as well as laser signal processing. The use of label-free photonic biosensors enabled ultra-sensitivity, simplicity of use, portability, multiplexing, and low cost.

Medical Device Design and Development

We specialize in designing and developing hardware, software, and mechanical solutions for cutting-edge electronic medical devices and digital health products. From wireless charging to softwareless design, our teams provide innovative solutions to common challenges in medical electronics, enabling reliable, practical, and safe products optimized for use in operating rooms and other hospital environments.

Firmwareless Motorized Medical Arm Position Control


Interventional Systems is a medical equipment manufacturer that provides a robotics platform for micro-invasive interventions. They were designing an articulated arm for interventional radiologists and oncologists that could hold surgical equipment in a fixed position. This would remove the need for manual holding, reduce physical strain on the medical experts performing procedures, increase patient safety, and reduce intervention time.


Our team designed and developed a softwareless solution for robotic arm control that helped avoid the rigorous process of software certification. We designed a wireless charging cradle that enables battery operation and contactless charging of the device. NCORE performed a thorough risk analysis and certified the device in compliance with the IEC 60601-1:2005+AMD1:2012 standard.


Medical Device Engineering with multidisciplinary teams

Multidisciplinary engineering teams

A flexible team structure that follows your project dynamics: from dedicated consultants to full-size teams of hardware and software engineers, mechanical engineers, and other experts.

Lower certification costs for medical device engineering

Certification cost savings

Our analog medical electronics solutions enable device control without any software or firmware, which elevates the need for additional software certifications.

experience in embedded medical device engineering

Medical industry expertise

We have a portfolio of novel projects in the fields of medical robotics, medtech engineering, and non-invasive cancer diagnostics for leading medical device companies.

shorten time-to-market for medical devices

Shorter time-to-market 

Our multidisciplinary experts have established processes and frameworks that cut down development time and enable you to launch your product quicker.