NCORE Embedded Engineering

Embedded Systems Engineering

NCORE has a holistic approach to every single project, meaning that our company is a one-stop shop for every part of embedded project development. Whether you have an idea that needs a proof of concept or a feasibility study or you have a nearly-finished product that requires any kind of electronics or mechanics development and support, NCORE has everything in one place.


The 3 core things that define NCORE are knowledge, experience, and people. We invest in hiring and retaining the most talented engineers, support their growth and learning, and have our teams gain expertise from highly demanding and cutting-edge projects we develop for top industrial and automotive companies. 


Experts to the core.




Our Embedded Systems Offering

Embedded Software

Expert embedded software development on all layers from firmware to GUI. Developing software and applications of various complexity, optimized to your project needs and resources. Industry-compliant software for niches like automotive or industrial projects.

Our Capabilities

  • GUI
  • Frontend development
  • Embedded Linux
  • Firmware programming
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Embedded Hardware

embedded hardware

End-to-end embedded hardware solutions tailored to specific projects. We take a holistic approach to hardware development, from initial concepts to functional realization and mass production.

Our Capabilities

  • Analysis and Simulation
  • Schematic Design Development
  • PCB Design Development


Embedded Testing

We have high expertise in developing HIL and SIL systems for embedded projects, using our IPs to create custom test systems unique for each project. Our testing teams perform all steps of software and hardware testing in all phases of development.


Our Capabilities

  • HIL
  • Tailor-Made HIL Systems
  • SIL
  • Software and hardware qualification testing
  • Automated unit and integration testing
Embedded testing

Antenna Design and 3D Electromagnetic Simulations

antenna design

Our teams design custom antenna systems for commercial wireless solutions in licensed and unlicensed ISM frequency bands up to 120 GHz. Depending on frequency bands, we can achieve gains of up to 30 dBi.

Our Capabilities

  • Planar and metallic antenna systems
  • Microwave and mmWave transitions and packaging
  • 3D-model lump model extractions from high-frequency structures
  • 3D EMC & field propagation design
  • Radar cross-section simulation
  • Radar target classification
  • ADAS emulation for radar targets
  • Antenna measurement, validation, and qualification


Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering teams are experts in designing vehicles, electric machines, industrial plants, production processes, and electrical cabinets in different 3D CAD programs. We offer everything from conceptual design to full-cycle product development and testing.

Our Capabilities

  • Design and Modeling
  • Design and Calculations
  • Simulations
  • PLM
mechanical engineering


SoC FPGA, ASIC, and Digital Signal Processing

soc fpga asic dsp

We are experts in custom industrial WiFi-based systems, with tailored application-driven MACs, robust tailored channel coding, and hardwired encryption.

Our teams have worked on highly complex projects like sensor fusion solutions on high-speed FPGA multi-Gigabit and Multi Channel-based (Zynq) HIL systems.

Our Capabilities

  • Modeling
  • RTL Design and Simulation
  • ASIC Implementation
  • FPGA Implementation
  • Software Development and Testing
  • Verification and Validation
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AMS, RF, and mmWave IC Design

We work in CMOS, BiCMOS, and SiGe technologies and on processes that range from 28 nm to 0.35 μm. Our teams offer design and layout for AMS, RF, and mmWave integrated circuits.

Our Capabilities

  • System Design
  • AMS IC design
  • RF and mmWave IC design
  • IC Verification
  • Programming
ams rf mmwave ic design

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