Case Study – Enabling Firmwareless Motorized Medical Arm Position Control

Our team designed and developed a softwareless solution for robotic arm control that helped avoid the rigorous process of software certification. We designed a wireless charging cradle that enables battery operation and contactless charging of the device. See how we developed a firmwareless, certified solution for controlling a motorized medical arm for a biopsy robot! Read more

A Comparison of 60 GHz FMCW Radar vs UWB for In-Cabin Monitoring

While both UWB (ultra-wideband) and FMCW (frequency-modulated continuous wave) solutions use radar technology, each has contrasting advantages, weak points, and possible applications. We will provide an overview of both sensor types along with their possible use for safety and comfort features inside the vehicle and in its proximity. Read more


This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) gathered 135,000 visitors from more than 150 countries. The ultimate place to witness the latest innovations and technology advancements, CES hosted over 4,300 exhibitors showcasing state-of-the-art products for everything from spatial computing to consumer electronics. CES Las Vegas 2024 was heavily focused on AI, sustainability, and mobility, which resulted  … Read more

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NOVELIC 2023 In Review

For NOVELIC, the year 2023 was marked by radical strategic changes, expansion on several continents, heavy promotion of our technology and know-how, and success. This is a recap of some of the most important things we will remember this year for: Leadership and Strategy Partnership with Sona Comstar NOVELIC partnered with Sona Comstar, a global  … Read more

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Sensor Fusion for Automotive and Security Applications

As technology continues to advance, sensor fusion has emerged as a key enabler in various domains, changing the way we perceive and interact with the world around us. From autonomous driving to perimeter security, sensor fusion techniques have proven instrumental in enhancing safety, accuracy, and situational awareness. In the automotive industry, the race towards fully  … Read more

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NOVELIC 2022 In Review

The end of the year gives us an opportunity to look back and reflect on everything that took place in 2022, measure progress, and celebrate all hard-won victories. This was an exciting year for NOVELIC, filled with important milestones and events. It would take a long time to mention every successfully delivered project and every obstacle we overcame as a company, team, or individual, but we will surely remember them all. These are some of the main things we are proud of when we think about 2022 Read more