ACAM (Automotive In-Cabin Monitoring)

A Whole-Cabin Solution for In-Vehicle Safety and Comfort

We believe that technology should serve people, which is why we strive to work on truly impactful things. Our team has used years of accumulated knowledge and experience to create a solution that protects what is the most valuable – our children.

More than a living presence sensor, ACAM brings safety, comfort, and innovation to the automotive industry.

acam In-cabin Monitoring Platform

What Is ACAM
(Automotive In-Cabin Monitoring)


ACAM (Automotive In-cabin Monitoring) is a smart contactless sensor for detection and classification of living beings inside a vehicle.

NOVELIC perception software stack combined with a radar sensor enables in-cabin monitoring with full interior coverage. ACAM does not require a line of sight to detect people and does not invade passenger privacy.


The physical radar sensor can be equipped with different signal processing software packages to cover a custom selection of in-cabin applications for passenger safety and comfort as well as vehicle and luggage protection.

Starting from 2025, Euro NCAP will reward up to 4 points to passenger vehicles with a Child Presence Detection system. ACAM provides a simple way to upgrade your vehicle to the highest-level rating.


ACAM Platform Applications:

  • Child presence detection – detects when a child is left unattended in a parked car
  • Seat occupancy detection – detects which seats are occupied by humans (baby, child, or adult) and differentiates between living beings and objects
  • Intrusion detection – detects unauthorized vehicle access attempts
  • Respiration rate monitoring – calculates the respiratory rate of each and every passenger, unaffected by obstacles such as thick clothes or blankets
  • Life presence detection – real-time detection of humans and pets in the vehicle, ensuring various safety and comfort features
  • Gesture control – contactless control of in-vehicle functions via custom gestures
  • Passenger classification – child vs. adult classification of each passenger

Why Choose NOVELIC

NOVELIC is the world’s leading self-sustaining provider of mmWave radar sensors, perception solutions, and full-stack embedded systems.. Our holistic approach offers all steps of radar software and hardware development under one roof. We leverage our radar IPs to create high-performance, innovative autonomous driving solutions.

NOVELIC Child Presence Detection Application

ACAM Applications –
7 Powerful Features in a Single Solution

acam cpd child presence detection

Child Presence Detection

The sensor detects if a child has been left unattended in a parked car and sends out a warning. ACAM has high sensitivity and can detect the tiniest of movement, like in sleeping babies. Thanks to its wide field, the sensor covers not only the seating area but the footwells as well. Starting from 2025, Euro NCAP will require vehicles to have a child presence detection solution to obtain the highest grade.


  • Protects babies, toddlers, and children
  • Covers the whole vehicle, including footwell areas
  • Extensively tested in static and dynamic scenarios
  • Enables quick response
  • Euro NCAP compliant
acam seat occupancy detection

Seat Occupancy Detection

ACAM detects which seats are occupied by human beings (baby, child, adult). The sensor can tell the difference between a living being and an inanimate object and is not triggered by luggage.


  • Detects occupied seats in a vehicle 
  • No false positives caused by luggage
  • One sensor covers the whole vehicle
acam intrusion detection

Intrusion Detection

The sensor detects any unauthorized attempt of entering a vehicle and sends out a warning. Thanks to its precision, ACAM does not get triggered by passers-by and only activates if a breach has occurred.


  • Detects intrusion attempts
  • Protects the vehicle and the property inside
  • Fast response warning
respiration rate monitoring

Respiration Rate Monitoring

ACAM calculates the respiration rate of each passenger per occupied seat and can be modified to detect the heart rate frequency as well. This solution can be used for healthcare monitoring and statistical evaluation. The sensor isn’t affected by thick layers of clothes, blankets, or similar obstacles.


  • Calculates the respiration rate of each passenger
  • Unaffected by obstacles like blankets
  • Heart rate frequency monitoring
life presence detection

Life Presence Detection

The sensor can detect not only human beings but pets and animals as well. Life presence detection senses any life form in the vehicle’s cabin, luggage compartment, or the third-row area in vans.


  • Detects in-cabin life presence (humans, pets)
  • Covers the whole vehicle
  • Real-time detection and monitoring
gesture control

Gesture Control

Powered by complex machine learning algorithms, ACAM enables contactless control of in-vehicle features (infotainment, windows, etc.). By using predefined or custom hand gestures, the driver can keep their eyes on the road and stay focused. Gesture control improves safety and simplifies vehicle operation.


  • Contactless in-vehicle control
  • Advanced machine learning algorithms
  • Preset or custom gestures
  • Improved driving comfort
passenger classification

Passenger Classification

Children under 12 years old can be harmed by airbag inflation. If the seat is occupied by a child or an inanimate object, the airbag will not activate. The ACAM sensor can differentiate between children and adults with high accuracy. Our robust algorithms prevent false alarms from objects such as vibrating cell phones, water bottles, bags, etc.


  • Passenger categorization (child vs. adult)
  • Enables smart airbag control
  • Protects children in the front passenger seat
  • AI-powered algorithms
  • High-accuracy classification
  • Possible human vs. pet classification
seat occupancy detection novelic

NOVELIC Seat Occupancy Detection

What Sets ACAM Apart

Shorter time to market – B-sample maturity level lets Tier 1 companies shorten their RFQ timeline

Flexibility – seamless integration with Tier 1 offering, development tailored to client’s demands

Multifunctionality – a single solution for multiple applications

Safety – protects your family, pets, and property

Privacy – completely anonymous and unintrusive

Accuracy – minimal false alarm rate

Speed – real-time monitoring with a quick response

Reliability – works in all lighting conditions, unaffected by luggage or textile

Cost savings – maximum performance with a minimal number of antennas

Small size – compact and easy to install without affecting interior vehicle design

Low power – optimized to consume a low amount of power

Euro NCAP compliance – adheres to the latest NCAP requirements