Premium chip design and engineering services

Analog and Digital
Semiconductor Design Services

NOVELIC provides semiconductor design services, creating tailored analog and digital IC solutions, specializing in millimeter-wave and AMS circuits and front-end systems.

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Expertise Core Domain

One stop shop for IC design services offers:

ams rf ic design

Experience in Systems

A wide range of applications is available:

  • AMS solutions for sensor data acquisition & conditioning (Hall, MEMS, etc)
  • RF & mmWave communication front-ends
  • RF receivers
  • High performance custom PLLs
  • Automotive ICs & ASICs for e-Mobility
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Target Markets

We leverage our IPs to enable autonomous and IoT solutions for the:

semiconductor technologies


Experiences in PDKs, major foundries, variety of technologies and nodes is available:

  • TSMC, IHP, GF, TowerJazz, XFAB, UMC, STM, AMS, Samsung TI, GF…
  • 22 nm – 0.35 μm

AMS, RF, and mmWave IC Design Services

Premium design services for AMS, RF, and mmWave integrated circuits, including related layout services.

Our Services

  • IC hardware and software design solutions
  • IC functional testing
  • IC application-driven field trials
  • IC validation
  • Reference designs – evaluation boards
  • End customer application support
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High-Voltage IC Design Services

Premium design services for high-voltage integrated circuits (HVICs).

Our Services

  • Design and development of high-voltage, high-current switches and ultra-fast (20 ns max propagation delay) gate drivers
  • Design and layout of various building blocks (IO, over temperature detection, low-side driver over-current protection, VBG modification, analog and digital supply undervoltage detection, current sensing, etc.)
  • Full design and layout support from specs to GDS
  • Power supply and driver module EMC testing 
  • SK keyfoundry BCD and X-FAB SOI design and testing
  • SOIC-8 package modeling
  • Testing and characterization of devices
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FPGA, ASIC, and SoC Design Services

We provide digital ASIC and FPGA design services as well as soft and hard implementation of digital signal processing. Discover our expertise in highly complex sensor fusion, HIL (hardware-in-the-loop), and multigigabit wireless communication solutions.

Our Services

  • Xilinx Zynq multiprocessor system-on-chip (MPSoC) programmable logic (PL) and processing system (PS) development
  • SoC design for sensor data processing
  • FPGA/ASIC implementation
  • Hard and soft DSP implementation
  • WiFi algorithm development following 802.11a/g/ad/ah standards
  • High-speed FPGA multigigabit and multichannel-based HIL systems
fpga and asic semiconductor design services
semiconductor design services fpga asic


Energy Efficient radar dsp accelerator

Digital Signal Processing

wifi halow development services

Wi-Fi HaLow Technology

algorithm development

Algorithm Development

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