R & D Activities and Programs

Besides working on self-financed NoraSens technology development, NOVELIC participates in:

  • National R&D Programs, co-sponsored by the EU, and managed by the World Bank
  • International R&D pre-competitive projects, H2020

Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia Project

NOVELIC, has a 70% co-financed project by the Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia, being financed by the EU and the Republic of Serbia sources:

HUDES, HUman DEtection Sensor

In the project, NOVELIC is co-financing activities within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade 

H2020 Program Project

NOVELIC is actively supporting partnerships in the EU Research Programs as SME and continuously looking for H2020 interdisciplinary and focused partnerships on:

  • Contactless sensors
  • Wireless and wired communication
  • Signal processing solutions and implementations on target platforms or ASICs
  • Embedded HW/SW platforms, system demonstrators, and field trails

NOVELIC is listed in the Cordis database.
We have R&D activities on:

  • 60 GHz radar sensor IPs (mmWave IC, antenna systems, and signal processing)
  • Technologies for Gigabit Wireless Data Transfers (Cryptography)
  • Wirelessly controlled mobile platforms with data exchange
  • Data acquisition and control systems
  • A new generation of bio-sensors enabled systems for medical use

In the scope of the European Horizon 2020 Program and being part of the GLAM Project Consortia

GLAM – a novel photonic-based point-of-care device for cancer diagnosis

NOVELIC is participating in multidisciplinary R&D activities, targeting new sensor system development for health care and medical use.

The major task of NOVELIC in the GLAM Project is to contribute to system design and the design of an integrated portable device based on novel photonic sensors.


As an innovative SME, NOVELIC is also taking the role of exploitation manager on the project, providing the first interface for GLAM Technology transfer in the future product.


GLAM is introducing a disruptive technology for medicine and health care markets. GLAM will design and develop a new diagnostic tool to detect biomarkers from biofluids obtained in a non-invasive manner, focusing on urine and genitourinary cancers, to help oncologists make better treatment decisions, approaching personalized medicine. GLAM capitalizes on the unprecedented sensitivity achieved using laser microring resonators to detect key biomarkers in tumor development and treatment. The Point of Care of the device will be carried out by preclinical and clinical sample analysis of genitourinary cancer patients to warrant personalized medicine.


The unique GLAM technology will make the device applicable to other biofluids and potentially used to help physicians with other diagnostics. The project will include developing an integrated device based on novel label-free photonic biosensors with ultra-sensitivity, simplicity of use, portability, multiplexing, and low cost. For more information, please contact us.


GLAM is coordinated by Leitat Technological Center in Spain. The 4-year project has joined well-recognized organizations: IBEC (ES), University of Twente (NL), WizSoft LTD (IL), Université libre de Bruxelles (BE), ICFO (ES), Radboud University Medical Center (NL), NOVELIC DOO (SB), OPTOCAP LTD (UK), and OBELIS SA (BE).

R & D Activities and Programs