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We have permanently been searching for young talents and student interested in doing practical training, BsC Thesis, MsSs Thesis and PhD Studies.

We are looking for highly motivated students, with good marks, willing to learn engineering skills, design processes, communication within the team and with future customers, ideally ready to face challenges in the cutting edge engineering areas.

We offer internship position in the following areas:

in relation to R&D tasks from our sensor or general skills programs, depending on preferences, marks and previous experience.
Our internship programs are organised in such a way, so that our interns gain practical engineering skills, obtain/have interesting engineering and scientific (topics) results for their academic thesis. It is important to underline that all this will not stop them from participating in their regular education obligations at the University.
Internships are paid, (depending on the of the efforts) – merit based.
Internships last for a minimum of 6 months. Colleagues with good internships results will be offered permanent job positions.
In addition to this, NOVELIC offers training internship for fresh engineers without any practical experiences. We have created a specific education program for embedded SW/HW and FPGA&ASIC and Analog IC Design fields.
Apply for the internship, with a one-page CV, and a Cover letter via:
Note: Some of the open positions have also been listed at the Electronics department, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Belgrade.



During the internship program I got the chance to work in the field of Digital IC design which attracted me the most during the studies. As the program was reaching the end, I got the offer to continue as a full-time Digital IC and SoC design engineer and, I have been with the company for more than 2 years now as a part of Norasens R&D team. Over that period, I have worked with amazing people on both internal and external projects. This is the place where you can achieve the perfect balance between independence and teamwork. We do not make a good team just from a technical point of view, but from a social as well, which we have proven through many celebrations and team buildings. It is a great pleasure working with such a group of people and I am looking forward to seeing all the great things that we can still do together.


So far, I´ve been working in NOVELIC for almost 3 years. The internship program in the FPGA/SoC team was well organized so my learning process was great, from baby steps to larger system development. I have learned a lot of things, from new HDL languages, to complete SoC system development process. Now, as an employee, I am working on a complex project for the customer from Austria. Work on this project allowed me to work on a wide range of different technologies, from optical communications to power electronics and application development for embedded Linux. In addition to the opportunity to learn new things, good team and fresh atmosphere are something that makes NOVELIC a great place to work at.


During an internship program, I was part of both teams for embedded systems and digital design since I had no clear idea in which area I want to work after the studies. Then I decided to go with embedded software, and I’ve had no doubts since then. Currently, I am a Team Lead in the embedded software team. In these 4 years, many challenging projects have come, after which knowledge and experience have stayed. Great people and great teams can indeed do that time flies by.


I have been working in NOVELIC for around two years. I started as an intern on my master studies in the NIRS group as an FPGA design engineer. During my eight months internship program I had an opportunity to work with exceptional engineers, work on innovative and scientific subjects, and learned indeed how to think like an engineer. The positive atmosphere in the company and great inspirational communication with my mentor and other team members influence on my everyday motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction.


I have been part of the Embedded Systems team since November. One of the interesting projects I worked on was GUI development for radar sensors, developed by NOVELIC. I have recently been employed and I am working on a project where machine vision is applied. The whole team and the atmosphere are very pleasant.


I have been in the company for over two years in an Analog team with fantastic people. So far, I have been working on the development of an internal radar chip where I have been doing various interesting things.

NOVELIC has been actively hiring motivated and skilled engineers with experience, as well as the best young graduates.

We are offering:

  • Excellent working conditions
  • Dynamic working environment
  • Opportunity to work on demanding projects
  • Opportunity to work with the subject matter experts
  • Financial support to employees doing their PhD studies
  • Private pension and health insurance

NOVELIC has been encouraging and actively supporting its employees’ academic and professional development in line with their personal goals.

We expect our team members would permanently work on developing their expertise in two main areas:

  • Technical expertise, and
  • Project management & Group leading/leader

We expect:

  • Highly committed staff aiming at achieving excellence
  • Constant professional improvement and willingness to learn
  • Innovative and out-of-the-box thinking (and ideas)
  • Willingness/readiness to take responsibility in a team

Good university marks and fluent English are required for all positions.
Published scientific papers and work experience with interesting projects, during studies and/or throughout the professional career would be an added value.

NOVELIC is an equal opportunities employer.