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Electronic design and engineering services

NCORE is a specialized program unit within NOVELIC that offers premium consulting services, focused on product engineering and design services. We offer embedded engineering competence, including full-stack embedded software development, systems engineering, electronics and mechanics, HIL&SIL test systems, as well as analog and digital chip design

NOVELIC’s multidisciplinary engineering teams have decades of experience working on a wide range of embedded projects, including analog and digital hardware design and prototyping, microcontroller programming, multilayer PCB building, evaluation, testing, etc.

Our clients include top automotive OEM and Tier 1 companies as well as blue-chip industrial companies. We offer a holistic approach to product engineering, with an emphasis on reliability and speed.

Experts to the core.

Automotive & Mobility

We provide automotive software and hardware testing, sensor fusion, AUTOSAR development, as well as tailored solutions for ADAS systems and software-defined vehicles (SDV).


Our MedTech team provides research, design, and development services for medical devices and instruments.


Our engineering expertise allows us to innovate industrial automation with end-of-line testing systems, as well as power electronics systems for industrial IoT.

Reduce your time to market with our services:

Embedded engineering design services
full cycle product development consulting

End-To-End Product Development

We provide an idea-to-market package for companies that have a great idea but lack the expertise, time, or manpower to develop it. We have teams that specialize in everything from firmware development to antenna design, providing support for every single step of the product development roadmap. Cut costs and shorten your time-to-market by having NOVELIC develop your product. 

Read about how we solved challenges for our customers in our case studies.

embedded engineering for Startups

Development and Support for Startups

As a company that grew from a startup to a business that has positioned itself as the world’s premier provider of mmWave radar sensors, perception solutions, and end-to-end embedded systems, NOVELIC knows all the growing pains of a startup. 


Our expert teams will help you avoid common startup pitfalls and use your time and funding resources in the smartest possible way.


This package is very similar to the End-To-End Product Development package but tailored specifically for startups. 


We will guide you through the whole process; from POC and feasibility studies to designing and developing any kind of embedded software, hardware, and firmware you need. Thanks to its supply chain management, NOVELIC can provide short lead times for all the hardware you need, which can be a game-changer in this time of component shortage. 


Don’t get stuck and burn through the money. 


The NCORE Startup Package offers:

  • Expert consulting services
  • POC and feasibility studies
  • Designing and prototyping analog/digital hardware
  • Designing and building multilayer PCBs
  • PCB evaluation and testing
  • Microcontroller programming (bare metal/Linux)
  • Evaluation, verification, and integration of IPs, sensor chips, communication chips, packaged IP prototypes
  • Functional and conformance testing
  • Hardware analysis (FMEDA, tolerance, timing and level analysis, derating)
  • Supply chain management (shorter lead times)
embedded engineering startup