Automotive Testing and Validation

Automotive Software and Hardware
Testing Services

automotive hardware testing
  • Comprehensive testing and validation services for the automotive industry software and hardware
  • Experience in delivering projects for top automotive clients
  • HIL (hardware-in-the-loop) testing leveraging NOVELIC IP
  • Automotive industry standards conformance testing (ISO 26262, ASPICE, etc.)
  • Proficiency in industry-standard tools for software and hardware testing (Tessy, UDE, Lauterbach Trace32, ECU-TEST, etc.)

Why Choose NOVELIC

Our testing engineers have broad knowledge in the areas of automotive software and hardware development and expertise in the industry’s leading testing tools. Our focus is on precision, reliability, responsibility, and safety.

Unit and Module Testing

Unit testing is performed at the code level to detect bugs early in the software development process. This improves code quality, facilitates code refactoring and changes, and reduces the cost of bug fixes.

Our team can perform all types of manual and automated software testing, deliver detailed documentation providing insights into the problems, and provide fix recommendations for existing issues.

What We Offer:

  • Manual and automated unit and module testing
  • Static code analysis and code review (PC-Lint)
  • MISRA C code safety, security, portability, and reliability guidelines
  • 100% code coverage with all edge-cases
  • ASIL compliance
  • Full test case suite development and execution
  • Test specifications and reviews
  • Software problem reports
  • Problem fix recommendations
  • Test verification reports and reviews
automotive software testing v model

Software Testing – V Model

Integration Testing

Why Integration Testing

Integration testing is a part of the testing process that checks how software or hardware modules coexist and interface with each other to ensure that the system works properly as a whole.


Our team will choose the best approach depending on the type of your project, create and execute a test suite to ensure that every component works well with the rest of your system, and recommend problem fixes.

What We Offer:

  • Top-down, bottom-up, big bang, or hybrid approach based on the project
  • Full test case suite development and execution
  • Test specifications and reviews
  • Software issue reporting
  • Problem fix recommendations
  • Test verification reports and reviews

System Testing and Validation

Why System Testing and Validation

System testing checks the system as a whole to ensure that all functional and system requirements are met. System validation checks if the system does exactly what it was designed to do in a safe, secure, and reliable manner.


We do system testing and validation to ensure the quality of your end product. If you want your system tested in a real-life environment, our team will prepare and execute all field tests.

What We Offer:

  • Design specification
  • Requirements analysis
  • Test plan development
  • Test execution and analysis
  • Issue reporting
  • Problem fix recommendation
  • Field test preparation and execution
parking sensor field trial testing

Parking Sensor Field Trial Testing

HIL Testing

Why HIL Testing

HIL (hardware-in-the-loop) is an embedded system testing technique where the controller is connected to a simulation representing the real-life system (plant) where the controller will be placed. Plant complexity is taken into account through a mathematical representation of all dynamic parameters, also known as the plant simulation.

HIL Benefits:

  • Safety (zero risk of plant damage)
  • Increased testing scope with off-design and failure conditions tests
  • Testing the ECU before the rest of the system is built
  • Lower costs and development time
  • Reusable test cases independent from the specific test environment hardware/software


We have developed a highly reconfigurable 200 kVA capable power HIL system for component and system integration testing. This environment allows for scalable power source and power load emulation and provides real-time testing and monitoring, data storage, and data analysis via NOVELIC API or dedicated software. The power HIL platform gives full control over DUT test conditions and state observability.

  • Flexible analog frontend: voltages, currents, temperatures, phase, frequency, torque, speed, etc.
  • High control loop update rates and on-chip raw data processing via a state-of-the-art embedded platform
  • Galvanically isolated digital power amplifiers
  • Dedicated 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps Ethernet or an SFP optical link with up to 12 Gbps for data logging
  • High-fidelity embedded hardware (5 ns PWM resolution, test sequence update rate down to 1 ms, sampling/control signal update rate with near-maximum bandwidth of the data link used)
HIL hardware in the loop diagram

HIL Process Diagram

Conformance Testing

Conformance (compliance) testing is performed to verify if a software or hardware product meets all required technical standards and regulations. This is a crucial step in the automotive industry where safety is paramount. We provide conformance testing for leading automotive industry standards, with a focus on ECU testing and validation, including:

  • ISO 26262
  • ISO 13849
  • IEC 61508
ISO 26262 Conformance Testing Process

Tools We Use

  • Tessy (HighTec PPC, HighTec Tricore/Aurix, Diab C Compiler (MPC))
  • UDE
  • Lauterbach Trace32
  • ECU-Test
  • Google Test
  • CMocka
  • CxxTest
  • PC-Lint
  • Polyspace
  • PTC Integrity
  • Rational Test RealTime
  • MATLAB/Simulink
  • OpenCV
  • Jenkins

Successful Testing and Validation
Project Example

Our team is in charge of control system testing for a reputable machine manufacturer OEM. The project has been going on for over 4 years.


NOVELIC is responsible for all aspects of software and hardware testing. The toolset for this project includes Tessy, HighTec PowerPC compiler, and UDE toolchain.

  • Unit testing with 100% code coverage
  • Qualification and integration testing
  • Test specifications, software problem reports, software verification results, test details reports
  • HIL testing
  • Manual and automatic testing
  • Typical, corner case, and fault injection test cases

Automotive Testing and Validation
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automotive software testing

Automotive Software Testing

firmware and hardware testing and validation

Firmware and Hardware Testing and Validation

automotive standards conformance testing

Automotive Standards Conformance Testing

experience with oem and tier 1 clients

Experience with OEM and Tier 1 Clients

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Extensive Testing Toolset

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Adherence to Safety Standards