Industrial Embedded Design & Engineering Services

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NOVELIC offers research, design, and development services for various industrial projects. Our engineering is backed with world-class embedded engineering competence, including full-stack embedded software and hardware development, systems engineering, electronics and mechanics, HIL & SIL test systems, as well as analog and digital chip design.

Our engineering teams have expertise in delivering solutions for aerospace, mining, oil and gas, marine, construction, industrial robotics, household appliances, heavy machinery, and IoT projects.

What we offer

industrial solutions

Industries we serve


Mining, Oil & Gas



Industrial Robotics

Household Appliances

Heavy Machinery


Electric Machines

  • Permanent magnet synchronous motors
  • Asynchronous motor research and development
  • Calculation and development of electric machines

Engine Design

  • Diesel engine research and development
  • Diesel engine calculations
  • Marine engines
  • Hydrogen engines
  • Eco-friendly engine technology
  • Hydrogen injection systems development
  • Internal combustion engine components for large systems

Hydraulic Systems

  • Hydraulic engine calculation and development
  • Hydraulic pump calculation and development
  • Full hydraulic brake system calculation and development
  • Aerospace hydraulic systems
  • Valve development according to system requirements (various anchor and seat combinations)
  • Hydraulic system component enclosures

Anechoic Chambers

  • Research, development, and building of anechoic chambers
  • RF measurements from 24 GHz to 120 GHz
  • Antenna simulation results validation through real-world hardware measurements
  • RF pre-certification measurements and RF design validation

Control Cabinets

  • Article creation, adaptation, and release
  • BOM compilation
  • 3D CAD design
  • Assembly optimization
  • 2D drawings production
  • Electrical switchgears

Enclosure Design and Development

  • Enclosure design for electronics and industrial equipment
  • IP-rated enclosures
  • A portfolio of 40+ models of varying size and complexity

Mechanical Analysis and Calculations

  • Thermal analysis and simulations
  • Vibration analysis
  • Stress analysis
  • Electromagnetic analysis

Testing and Automation

  • Software and hardware testing on all 3 V-model levels (unit, integration, system testing)
  • Qualification testing of heavy-duty machinery
  • Testing process automatization
  • Robotic arms for automated testing
  • Fully automated software and hardware testing setup
  • Testing documentation

Hardware-In-The-Loop (HIL) Testing

  • System modeling from scratch
  • HIL mathematical model development
  • Physical HIL development
  • Mini-HIL test systems
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Work domainTools & Skills
Design and ModelingCreo Parametric, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling, CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Mechanical Desktop
Design and CalculationsAnsys, Nastran, OpenFOAM, Algoryx, Mathcad
SimulationsCreo Simulate, MATLAB, LabVIEW
PLMWindchill, Vault

Industrial Project Example

Reshaping End-of-Line Testing and HMI Verification With a Custom Automated Testing System


The client is one of the most prominent manufacturers of household appliances in the world. Their premium home appliances are equipped with many features controlled via different types of display interfaces. To ensure that every appliance will work correctly, the client needed a way to thoroughly test how a HMI (human-machine interface) responds to finger-operated commands.


We made a customized testing system consisting of a high-resolution color industrial-grade camera, a robotic arm with 4 or 6 DOF (degrees of freedom), and custom software for both the camera and the robotic arm. The camera takes real-time images of the interface that is being tested. These images are processed using custom-made software and classified as one of around 80 different screen types. The robotic arm can imitate various human finger movements. This setup allows for the testing of interfaces that are button-only, screen-only, or a combination of a screen with buttons.


Multidisciplinary engineering teams

Multidisciplinary engineering teams

A flexible team structure that follows your project dynamics: from dedicated consultants to full-size teams of hardware and software engineers, mechanical engineers, and other experts.

Full testing automation and HIL

Full testing automation and HIL

Development of fully automated software and hardware testing setups and HIL systems to significantly reduce testing time.

Industrial project expertise

Industrial project expertise

We have a portfolio of novel projects in the fields of aerospace, mining, oil and gas, marine, construction, industrial robotics, household appliances, heavy machinery, and IoT.

shorter time to market

Shorter time-to-market

Our multidisciplinary experts have established processes and frameworks that cut down development time and enable you to launch your product quicker.