AURIX Development and Testing

Infineon’s AURIX Development
and Testing Support

automotive hardware testing
  • AURIX TriCore DSP and software development support

  • ASIL-D automotive safety level

  • AUTOSAR compliance

  • Vertical scalability enabled by portable application layer software

  • AURIX Development Studio, TASKING toolset, Lauterbach, HighTec, and other development tools

  • High code test coverage

  • Agile methodology best practices

Why Choose NOVELIC

As an automotive-oriented radar company, we provide the technical know-how on automotive software development, signal processing, and efficient project management.

Automotive Safety Standards

High-Quality DSP and Software Development

We offer DSP and software development support for Infineon’s AURIX platform to meet the growing demand for automotive-grade firmware and application software.

Working on automotive systems with high attention to safety is something we excel at.

ASIL-D Level Safety

ASIL-D is the highest degree and the most stringent level of automotive safety measures according to the ISO 26262 standard.

The safety-oriented architecture of the AURIX lineup supports the ASIL-D level of safety, enabling system development in accordance with the most rigorous safety standards.

AUTOSAR Compliant 
Application Software

  • Development of modular software components compatible with the latest AUTOSAR architectural standards on AURIX Tricore

  • Accelerated development using AURIX-specific Infineon and third-party AUTOSAR module design tools
  • Design and implementation of AUTOSAR application layer software for various automotive use-cases or implementation of signal processing algorithms

  • AUTOSAR on AURIX enables easy code portability which amplifies the AURIX vertical scalability model of pin-to-pin compatible chips

AURIX Development
and Testing Tools

Development and Testing Process 

Our toolset includes various IDEs, debuggers, and testing environments. We utilize development tools and techniques like version control and a DevOps platform to stimulate well-organized and rapid software development.

Tools we use:

  • AURIX Development Studio
  • TASKING development toolset
  • Lauterbach
  • HighTec toolchain

Test-Driven Development
for Increased Reliability

High Test Coverage

When it comes to safety-critical systems like those in the automotive industry, reliability is essential.


We make a conscious effort in keeping the highest possible code test coverage. A high percentage of test-covered code increases overall software reliability.

Unit Testing

Test-driven development is just one of the ways we ensure the excellence of our end product.


Unit tests help our developers detect problems immediately and fix them quickly leading to a safer, more stable, and reliable system.

AURIX TC3x and TC4x 
Microcontroller Families

Hardware Acceleration 
Enabling Complex Tasks

With onboard hardware acceleration via the SPU (signal processing unit) of the TC3x lineup and the PPU (parallel processing unit) of the TC4x lineup, heavier edge computing signal processing and machine learning tasks are becoming feasible.


We have a long history of working with sensors and developing algorithms, and now we offer our solutions on the large ecosystem of products available on the AURIX platform.


Heavy Edge Computing
and Data Processing

Our signal processing and machine learning expertise can leverage the advanced features of the hardware platforms for performing complex edge computing operations and data processing algorithms.


This includes implementing deep learning models and even performing sensor fusion tasks.

Agile Development

Efficient Workflow

Following the best organizational and development practices for building software allows us to stay flexible and keeps our projects up-to-date with the latest technologies, business requirements, and user needs.

Flexible Development Approach

By employing agile methodologies with a task management platform, we build software in small iterations so that we can get feedback from clients at every stage of development. Our approach is adapted for continuous change, collaboration, and feedback.

AURIX Development and Testing

automotive software testing

AURIX DSP and Software Development and Testing

firmware and hardware testing and validation

Highest Automotive Safety Level (ASIL-D)

experience with oem and tier 1 clients

AUTOSAR Compliant Software

extensive testing toolset

Complex ML-Powered Edge Computing