Full-Stack Embedded Software Development

embedded software GUI
  • Embedded software development on all layers and operating systems

  • Everything from firmware to complex embedded applications

  • Industry-tailored solutions (automotive, industrial, medical, IoT, etc.)

  • 10+ years of experience with Tier 1, OEMs, and leading industrial companies

GUI, Frontend Development

Development of graphical user interfaces and applications of various complexity using Qt or other software. 

Project example:

Graphical user interface for an automotive in-cabin monitoring product developed by NOVELIC and Infineon.


  • An application for logging and visualization of in-cabin radar sensor detection algorithm results
  • Software developed using Qt, C++, and Python
  • Enables reading and processing of radar data
  • Two available modes: creating radar datasets for in-cabin scenes or real-time in-cabin monitoring visualization
GUI frontend embedded softwar development

Embedded Linux Development

embedded softwared linux development

Software and application development using C and C++ programming.

Project example:

Software development for one of the world’s leading mobility technology companies.


  • Developed C++ applications for the embedded Linux platform, tailored specifically for battery testing cabinets
  • Implemented Modbus communication interfaces to enable interaction with PLCs from various vendors
  • Designed and implemented a PLC simulation application
  • Developed Modbus master and slave protocol support, ensuring standardized data exchange
  • Enabled storing binary files in local Linux memory to provide fast and efficient IO firmware updates
  • Integrated a web interface within the Update Handler to trigger firmware updates and receive progress reports
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Firmware Programming

We do all firmware programming in a C environment, including low-level to high-level firmware, drivers, algorithms, and testing software.

Project example:

Automotive project for a leading Tier 1 company, developed from scratch.


  • Full-circle product development including system design, hardware development, software development, integration, and production
  • Project developed on freeRTOS embedded operating system
  • Complex development with BroadR-Reach automotive Ethernet standard
  • PTP automotive-grade time synchronization protocol
  • Software developed in compliance with AUTOSAR architecture standards
embedded software firmware
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