NoraSens Radar Sensor Technology

mmWave Radar Sensor Solutions and Platforms

NOVELIC is the world’s premier provider of mmWave radar sensors, perception solutions, and end-to end embedded systems.

NoraSens stands for NOVELIC Radar Sensors, our proprietary mmWave radar technology, designed to match specific application scenarios in a number of industries.

We offer custom-made radar solutions and ready-to-use or bespoke radar platforms that leverage NOVELIC IP for optimal performance.

mmWave radar sensors are used for contactless detection of:

  • Distance
  • Movement
  • Speed
  • Angle
  • Micro-vibrations
mmWave radar sensor

Radar vs. other sensor systems

A single challenge can be approached using different sensor technologies.

We believe that mmWave radar sensor technology is the optimal solution for the majority of real-life use cases in various industries. This is how radar system performance compares to other types of systems:

A comparison of various sensor technologies in different conditions and use cases, such as RADAR, LIDAR, Infrared etc. Radar Lidar Ultrasonic Camera Laser Infrared Range Long Medium Short Short Short Short Range Accuracy High High High Medium High Poor Angle Accuracy Medium High None High High None Speed Measurement Yes No No No No No Dust/Fog/Smoke robustness High Medium Poor Poor Poor Poor Dark/Light Robustness High High High Medium Poor Medium Integration difficulty Small High Small Medium Medium Small Cost factor Small* to Medium Extremely High Small Medium to High High Small The Pros and Cons of Different Sensing Technologies

Radar Applications

Automotive & Transportation

ACAM – A Single-Module In-Cabin Monitoring Solution

A 60Ghz radar sensor for multiple in-cabin monitoring features: child presence detection, seat occupancy detection, intrusion & proximity alert.

ASPER – 180° Short-Range Radar Sensor

Short-range 79GHz radar providing advanced parking assist, surround vehicle awareness, rear cross-traffic alerts, and more.

AGERA – Kick and Gesture Sensor

Radar-based kick sensor, for opening doors and trunks with gestures, or advanced gesture control

IoT & Smart Infrastructure

RIOT100 Human Presence Detection Sensor

Configurable, power-efficient and easy-to-integrate solution for controlling lighting systems, automatic doors, escalators and elevators.

ZORM Industrial Zone Monitoring Radar

Highly-reliable solution for the harshest of environments, providing detection of people and objects even without direct line of sight, making it a perfect solution for smart access systems, safety systems and industrial environments.

Custom Radar Development

NOVELIC’s rich portfolio of radar IPs enable custom development of radar solutions with the best performance. Over the years, NOVELIC provided world-class mmWave radar expertise to many Tier 1 and OEM companies in the automotive industry.

Recently, NOVELIC helped VBG Coupling Systems develop a product called Driver Assist, that provides jackknifing warning and coupling guidance for truck drivers.

Key benefits of Driver Assist:

  • Saves time – the driver doesn’t have to leave the truck cab because the sensor detects the position of the drawbar and guides them
  • Increases safety – reduces the risk of jackknifing and accidents
  • Reduces repair costs – prevents accidents that can damage the vehicle
custom radar development

Partnerships With Chip Vendors

Major radar chip vendors choose NOVELIC as a preferred partner for specific solution development.

PartnerType of partnership
NOVELIC is a Preferred Partner of Infineon TechnologiesOfficial Design Partner, Preferred Partner & Radar Sensor System Integrator
(Radar Sensor Chipset)
NOVELIC is an Official Design Partner of Analog DevicesOfficial Design Partner & Radar Sensor System Integrator
(Radar Sensor Chipset)
NOVELIC is a Design Partner of Texas InstrumentsDesign Partner & Radar Sensor System Integrator
(Radar Sensor Chipset)
NOVELIC is an Official Design Partner of Digikey ElectronicsOfficial Design Partner for mmWave IC Design
(Design Services Provider)