Industrial Zone Monitoring Radar (ZORM)


Zone Radar Monitoring (ZORM) Radar Sensor Solution

Radar as a detection technology is the best choice in rough environments when high reliability is a must. This sensor solution is equipped with all necessary RF, hardware, and software components required for stand-alone operation. The application software runs directly on the sensor and provides all relevant application data without the need for any additional radar signal processing on the user side.

The ZORM radar sensor is a perfect solution for smart access systems, safety systems and industrial environments.

The following applications are addressed:

  • Robotics

The sensor is installed on industrial robots and observes their surroundings. ZORM detects people and objects that are in the robot’s vicinity and might be a collision hazard. By knowing exactly where people and other objects are, robots do not need to be fenced off and can collaborate with humans in a more productive and safe work environment.

  • Safety Zones

In industrial manufacturing, people work around large machines with moving parts that can pose safety hazards to the workforce. The view around machines is often obstructed, making it difficult to safely navigate near them. Zone monitoring radar sensors detect people entering safety zones, even behind corners. Radar detection can be used to alarm the system and automatically shut down machines if a person enters the restricted zone.

  • Security Systems

Reliable motion detection and very low false alarm rates are key to a trustworthy security system. The sensor can be installed on its own or in addition to security cameras. Radar sensors penetrate through fog and rain and work in completely dark environments without any need for IR illumination. High performance in all weather conditions makes radar the ideal technology to help security personnel focus on real threats and not be distracted by false alarms.