NCORE Embedded Engineering

What is NCORE?

Premium Embedded Software, Firmware, and Hardware Engineering

NCORE is a specialized program unit within NOVELIC that offers premium embedded engineering competence, including full-stack embedded software development, systems engineering, electronics and mechanics, HIL&SIL test systems, as well as analog and digital chip design. 


NCORE engineering teams have decades of experience working on a wide range of embedded projects, including analog and digital hardware design and prototyping, microcontroller programming, multilayer PCB building, evaluation, testing, etc.


Our clients include top automotive OEM and Tier 1 companies as well as blue-chip industrial companies. We offer a holistic approach to embedded systems development, with an emphasis on reliability and speed.


Experts to the core.



NCORE System Architecture Offering


A diagram showing the areas of expertise in our NCORE program unit – covering the areas of full stack software development, systems engineering, electronics, mechatroncis, HIL & SIL test systems, as well as analog and digital chip design. SoC FPGA Analog RF Design Digital Design, ASIC Analog & Digital Chip Design Automated Unit and Integration Testing Software & Hardware Qualification Testing Tailor-made HIL Systems HIL & SIL Test Systems System integration, small scale production Mechanics and Mechatronics Hi-speed, RF, Analog electronics System Engineering Electronics Mechanics Firmware C Programming Embedded Linux C, C++ GUI – Qt, Frontend End-to-end Embedded Software Development Systems Architecture

Systems Engineering

Holistic development of embedded systems from initial concepts to functional realization and mass production.

Embedded Hardware

End-to-end embedded hardware solutions. Analysis and simulation, schematic design development, PCB design development.

Antenna Design and 3D EM Simulations

Electromagnetic service modeling and design for planar and metallic antenna systems, various 3D simulations, mmWave radar and communication test services. 

Mechanical Engineering

Diverse mechanical engineering projects, from conceptual design to full-cycle product development and testing. 3D CAD, FEA, CFD, and kinematic simulations.

Embedded Software

Full-stack development of embedded software on all levels, from bare metal to complex GUI. 

Embedded Testing

SIL, HIL, tailor-made HIL systems, software and hardware qualification testing, unit and integration testing. 

AMS, RF, and mmWave IC Design

Design of AMS, RF, and mmWave integrated circuits including related layout services. Everything from system design to IC verification.


Digital ASIC and FPGA design, hard and soft implementation of signal processing. 

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NCORE Industry-Tailored Packages


Having extensive experience in developing complex projects for specific industries, we have created 3 premium packages specifically designed for each niche. NOVELIC leverages knowledge gained through working with top OEM and Tier 1 automotive companies and industrial giants to provide you with the know-how of all project requirements, from top to bottom. 


By knowing the ins and outs of each industry, we can predict and prevent possible issues, supply you with all needed components in the shortest possible time, and deliver any combination of development and support your specific project requires.


NCORE Custom Packages:

  • Automotive Development 
  • Industrial Device Prototyping 
  • End-to-end Product Development
  • Development and Support for Startups



Automotive Offering


NCORE Automotive Offering


We are the masters of systems thinking, providing a holistic approach to automotive projects.


What we offer:

  • Automotive software, hardware, and testing
  • AUTOSAR software development
  • Engineering for software-defined vehicles (SDVs)
  • Systems architecture and design (software, electronics, and mechanics)
  • Functional safety ISO 26262
  • ASPICE compliant
  • Continuous Integration, Continuous Development, and Continuous Testing 


Embedded engineering for automotive industry

NCORE Embedded Offering for Software-Defined Vehicles

Industrial Device Prototyping

NCORE Industrial Device Prototyping


We offer a highly reconfigurable power HIL system for component and system integration testing.

Ideal for electric motors, drive inverters, AC and DC chargers, as well as DC-DC converters.

End-To-End Product Development

End-To-End Product Development


We provide an idea-to-market package for companies that have a great idea but lack the expertise, time, or manpower to develop it. The NCORE program unit has teams that specialize in everything from firmware development to antenna design, providing support for every single step of the product development roadmap. Cut costs and shorten your time-to-market by having NCORE develop your product. 

Development and Support for Startups

Development and Support for Startups


As a company that grew from a startup to a business that has positioned itself as the world’s leading self-sustaining provider of mmWave radar sensors, perception solutions, and full-stack embedded systems, NOVELIC knows all the growing pains of a startup. 


Our expert teams will help you avoid common startup pitfalls and use your time and funding resources in the smartest possible way.


This package is very similar to the End-To-End Product Development package but tailored specifically for startups. 


We will guide you through the whole process; from POC and feasibility studies to designing and developing any kind of embedded software, hardware, and firmware you need. Thanks to its supply chain management, NOVELIC can provide short lead times for all the hardware you need, which can be a game-changer in this time of component shortage. 


Don’t get stuck and burn through the money. 


The NCORE Startup Package offers:

  • Expert consulting services

  • POC and feasibility studies

  • Designing and prototyping analog/digital hardware

  • Designing and building multilayer PCBs

  • PCB evaluation and testing

  • Microcontroller programming (bare metal/Linux)

  • Evaluation, verification, and integration of IPs, sensor chips, communication chips, packaged IP prototypes

  • Functional and conformance testing

  • Hardware analysis (FMEDA, tolerance, timing and level analysis, derating)

  • Supply chain management (shorter lead times)
Support for startups with our embedded engineering expertise