NIRSEN – Semiconductor Solutions 

Analog and Digital Solution Development 

NIRSEN is a NOVELIC-owned chip engineering service company, specializing in millimeter-wave and AMS circuits and front-end systems, with premium references. 


AMS, RF, and mmWave IC

Premium design services for AMS, RF, and mmWave integrated circuits, including related layout services.

Our Services

  • IC hardware and software design solutions
  • IC functional testing
  • IC application-driven field trials
  • IC validation
  • Reference designs – evaluation boards
  • End customer application support

IC Design

adas solutions multisensor annotation

IC Functional Testing

annotation task management platform

IC Validation

End Customer Application Support


Digital FPGA and ASIC design services

Our Services

  • Xilinx Zynq multiprocessor system-on-chip (MPSoC) programmable logic (PL) and processing system (PS) development
  • SoC design for sensor data processing
  • FPGA/ASIC implementation
  • Hard and soft DSP implementation
  • WiFi algorithm development following 802.11a/g/ad/ah standards
    • WiGig direct multigigabit wireless communication
    • WiFi HaLow technology
  • High-speed FPGA multigigabit and multichannel-based HIL systems


Digital Signal Processing

Wi-Fi HaLow Technology

AIgorithm Development

hypr Real-Time Logging & Processing Platforms

hypr_ (hyperspace) is a platform built on our proprietary IP for streaming, logging, and processing high-throughput data with unprecedented speed.



hypr_gate is a highly programmable and configurable platform providing a high throughput of radar data streams, optimal for demanding inputs like imaging radars. The logger can log and stream data from multiple sensors to support sensor fusion.



hypr_risc is a radar hardware accelerator attached to a custom-generated RISC-V-based core. Depending on your performance, size, and power consumption needs, we will create a tailored solution to achieve the maximum possible DSP speed.


Our Services

  • Low-latency streaming
  • Internal/external data logging
  • Sensor fusion support
  • Sensor data analysis and processing
  • Fastest real-time digital signal processor available on the market
  • Enabling next-level autonomous driving
ecu software development

4D or 5D Radar/Lidar System Support

ecu hardware development

Ultra-Fast Data Streaming

ecu testing and validation

Customizable for Best Performance

iso 26262 and autosar compliance

Sensor Fusion Support