NOVELIC receives the US Patent Grant for Gesture Sensor

NOVELIC is proud to announce the US Patent Grant award for gesture sensor application:

“‘Millimeter-wave radar sensor system for the gesture and movement analysis” – US 10,928,499 on 23 Feb. 2021

A new patent-granted invention in our portfolio is a gesture sensor system based on mm-wave radar. It covers apparatus and method of operation for a simple system for detection of class of gestures based on a 2D angle detection.

“A low-cost and robust gesture sensing solutions are required for a variety of industrial, consumer, and automotive applications. Preferable addressing non-licensed 60 GHz radio frequency band, miniature mm-wave radar sensor-based solutions offer gesture sensing outperforming TOF sensor in robustness, with affordable pricing. Moreover, the same mm-wave radar sensor hardware constellation can be simultaneously used for detecting life, measuring the distance to objects, and detecting vibrations and vital signs, performing child presence detection (CPD) and seatbelt reminder (SBR) functions.

‘The proposed concept ensures a new paradigm in a smart contactless sensing and can provide comfort functions combined with safety and security”, Dr Veselin Brankovic, NOVELIC´s Chief Marketing Officer explains. The proposed apparatus is using mm-wave radar sensing with smart signal processing.

NOVELIC is a Belgrade-based high tech private company with a strong design team excelling in system design, analog & digital integrated electronics, signal processing, and embedded design for industrial & automotive & health care & telco markets. NOVELIC designs technologies for mm-Wave radar sensors.

For more information:
Dr Veselin Brankovic, CMO
Belgrade, 10/03/2021