NOVELIC Repatriation Program

NOVELIC has launched a repatriation program for people living abroad who wish to relocate to Serbia and join our team. We are looking to facilitate and accelerate all steps of the moving process and encourage talented individuals from all over the world to continue growing their careers here.

Our repatriation program includes:

  • A personal assistant who will handle all administrative requirements for relocating to Serbia and starting employment
  • Assistance with all employment contract paperwork
  • A flexible employment process
  • Assistance and support with finding accommodation (renting/purchasing)
  • Family support (assistance with enrolling children in nursery/kindergarten/school, job-seeking help for the spouse)
  • HR sessions to facilitate the onboarding process and help adapt to the company culture and coworkers
  • Help with moving and transportation organization

To learn more, visit NOVELIC Repatriation Program.

If you have any questions, please contact us at