NOVELIC and INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES AG Introduce a Radar System for 100% Reliable Automotive Interior Monitoring at InCabin

The first InCabin event took place in Brussels on September 15, 2022, gathering automotive in-cabin technology specialists from all over the world. NOVELIC and Infineon had a live demonstration of their radar product for the Automotive InCabin Monitoring System (ACAM).

The InCabin Monitor is able to respond to Euro NCAP requirements regarding Child Presence Detection (CPD). On top of that, additional features have been developed on the same hardware platform. ACAM is a single module providing the following InCabin features:

The chipset for this module has been developed by Infineon, a pioneer in automotive radar. Infineon’s compact automotive XENSIV™ 60 GHz radar sensor has two transmitters (TX) and four receivers (RX), with integrated antennas. The sensor has low power modes, offers excellent thermal management, and is fully FCC compliant. This makes XENSIV™ a superb choice for building a reliable and cost-effective module while maintaining high performance.

NOVELIC has leveraged its patented technology and 10-year experience in short-range radar systems to develop algorithms that maximize radar sensor performance. The algorithms use machine learning with the NOVELIC radar library to achieve a 100% detectability rate for CPD, along with additional features. The embedded version of the algorithms has an unprecedented memory consumption/feature ratio. At the same time, the response time is within OEMs’ expectations (milliseconds for Intrusion, a few seconds for CPD and SOD). The algorithms require minimal duty cycling for a given hardware platform and therefore enable low power consumption.

ACAM has already been validated in numerous car models, in real driving conditions. During the InCabin event, ACAM was presented in a unique setup: a hand-sculpted car cabin model where visitors could experience its flawless operation first-hand.


NOVELIC is the world’s leading self-sustaining provider of mmWave radar sensors, perception solutions, and full-stack embedded systems. Our company has over 10 years of market presence and more than 120 engineers in multidisciplinary teams.

We have a large portfolio of mmWave radar sensors and IPs that enable us to develop custom products for automotive, autonomous driving, robotics, Industry 4.0, and IoT systems. NOVELIC also does full-cycle development of electronics and software systems for ADAS, AGV, and industrial automation, including annotation tools, ECU hardware/software development and testing, and HIL development.

Our solutions are based on the existing in-house developed platforms and various projects we have completed. We have expertise in numerous domains necessary to build today’s complex products – embedded software, hardware, algorithms, machine learning, FPGA, mechanics, functional safety and requirements, and others.

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