NOVELIC Launches Hyperspace Radar Data Logger and DSP

NOVELIC announces Hyperspace: the fastest platform for radar sensor data logging and processing available on the market.

We are proud to launch our new radar platform which has been the result of years of accumulated knowledge in the field of radar development and joint hard work of several NOVELIC teams.

“Hyperspace is a heterogeneous project encompassing diverse technologies – digital design, embedded Linux, software development, PCB design, mechanical engineering, etc. One of the greatest challenges was to synchronize the complementary work of different teams and make sure that all parts of the project come together. On the other hand, this provided a unique opportunity for everyone to gain knowledge in areas where they lacked experience.” – Nemanja Kundovic, NOVELIC FPGA Team Lead

Hyperspace facilitates the development of autonomous driving perception systems by providing a platform to collect, stream, and process large volumes of sensor data in real time. The platform consists of two modules: Hyperspace R-Logger and Hyperspace DSP.

Hyperspace R-Logger is a customizable platform for logging and streaming raw or processed sensor data. While this platform is optimized for imaging radar input, it can be used for any other type of sensor (lidar, camera) or a combination of sensors to achieve sensor fusion. Data streaming latency is reduced to ~10 ns, which is paramount for automotive projects that require an extremely quick response time.

Hyperspace DSP is a RISC-V-based radar signal processor that is currently the fastest radar DSP on the market. This is an extremely flexible solution that is RF front-end agnostic and tailored for each specific use case.

To learn more about how Hyperspace can help enhance your autonomous driving product and speed up the development process, contact us at

For more information about the platform, visit Hyperspace.


NOVELIC is the world’s leading self-sustaining provider of mmWave radar sensors, perception solutions, and full-stack embedded systems. Our company has over 10 years of market presence and more than 120 engineers in multidisciplinary teams.

We have a large portfolio of mmWave radar sensors and IPs that enable us to develop custom products for automotive, autonomous driving, robotics, Industry 4.0, and IoT systems. NOVELIC also does full-cycle development of electronics and software systems for ADAS, AGV, and industrial automation, including annotation tools, ECU hardware/software development and testing, and HIL development.

Our solutions are based on the existing in-house developed platforms and various projects we have completed. We have expertise in numerous domains necessary to build today’s complex products – embedded software, hardware, algorithms, machine learning, FPGA, mechanics, functional safety and requirements, and others.

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