NOVELIC Receives US Patent Grants for mmWave Short-Range Sensors

NOVELIC is proud to announce it has been awarded two US Patent Grants for mm-Wave short-range sensor applications:

‘MM wave seat occupation radar sensor’ – US 9,862,271 on 9 Jan 2018, and

‘MM wave radar driver fatigue sensor apparatus’ – US 9,865,150 on 9 Jan 2018.

“This is yet another important step in establishing a strong system & application within the NOVELIC patent portfolio for short-range mm-Wave sensors. The mm-Wave sensors we have been developing, are application-driven solutions with full vertical integration. NOVELIC has developed its own mm-Wave RF IC, followed by high yield low-cost planar feeding antenna solutions, mm-Wave assembly, as well as package concept solutions, and its own digital signal processing solutions. This integrated design approach, combined with algorithm optimization in real application scenarios, enables the functioning of miniature low-cost mm-Wave smart systems. Their price on the market will be significantly below 10 euros for large quantities’, explains Dr. Veselin Brankovic, NOVELIC Chief Marketing Officer.

NOVELIC is a Belgrade-based high-tech private LTD with strong expertise in system design, analog & digital integrated electronics, signal processing, and embedded design for industrial, automotive, health care, and telco markets. NOVELIC designs technologies for mm-Wave radar sensors. We cannot but emphasize that NOVELIC has demonstrated a profitable operation with a 74% CAGR in a four-year period between 2013 and 2017.

For more information:
Dr Veselin Brankovic, CMO
Belgrade, 06/02/2018

NOVELIC Receives US Patent Grants for mmWave Short-Range Sensors