Radar Sensor Technology

Radar Sensors for Smarter World

NOVELIC is proud to introduce its patented mm-Wave radar sensor technology, called NoraSens.
We present our fully integrated radars, which enable the manufacture of miniature and cost-effective systems. These solutions are tailored to match specific application scenarios in many industries. By using NoraSens on targeted environments, we collect and process data to build a wide range of smart applications.

Our unique development approach includes full-custom design or customisation of:

  • mm-Wave RFIC
  • Antenna Systems
  • Signal processing
  • System-in-Package
NOVELIC Integrated and Customised Radar Sensor Modules

Integrated and Customised Radar Sensor Modules


norasens sensors

Custom Radar Sensors for Your Application

24GHz 60GHz 79GHz
By tailoring all subsystems, we optimise size, shape and function of the module

norasens sensors
norasens sensors

Seat Occupancy Sensor

Breathing and Heartbeat Sensor
Safe, robust, miniature and cost-effective

NOVELIC Seat Occupancy and Vital Signs Monitoring Application
norasens sensors

Automotive Short-Range Radar

Parking Sensor
Blind Spot Detection
Industrial Safety
Autonomous Industrial Machines

NOVELIC Parking Sensor Radar Module



NoraSens Technology

We have all subsystems and IP for custom radar modules available in the house. Depending on the frequency band we use NOVELIC Radar Chip (for 60GHz Band) or off-the-shelf radar chip (for 24GHz or 79GHz band).

The following is designed inside the radar module:

  • mm-Wave Antenna
  • mm-Wave Radar IC
  • Radar Baseband Processor
  • Package and Enclosure
  • Embedded Module with interfaces
  • Algorithm
  • Application with HMI
NOVELIC sensor with off-the-shelf radar chip
NOVELIC Radar Sensor

NOVELIC radar sensors

Only high level of vertical integration with NoraSens proprietary technology can lead to the cost-effective sensor module solutions.

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Sensors are miniature, cost-effective and function without any contact with the human body. They are completely safe since mm-Wave frequencies do not penetrate the human body, they have characteristics of light, and their output power is 100 and more times lower than mobile phones. They use a 60 GHz non-licensed frequency band (57-64GHz) and a 77-81GHz automotive band, allowing worldwide operation. NoraSens unique application related system solutions are based on CONTACTLESS mm-Wave Sensor concepts (mm-Wave integrated RF IC, Signal processing, Antenna systems, Smart packaging), protected by 4 granted and 6 pending patent applications.

Why radar as a sensor?

Generally speaking, radar has earned a place in the sensor world and has a clear distinction compared to other technologies, such as: Infrared, Ultrasonic, Camera, Laser and Lidar.

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NOVELIC approach optimises three key parameters:

  • Size
  • Cost
  • Ultra-flexible range of detection (0cm to 80m)

Why NoraSens?

NoraSens technology takes radar one step forward. A full and natural vertical integration is the main advantage of NoraSens radar technology, in comparison to the existing radar sensors.

Therefore, we can achieve:

  • Lower price
  • Smaller size
  • Easier customization

This approach not only improves the radar sensor in existing use cases, but also creates new applications.

NOVELIC Radar Application Scenario

NOVELIC Radar Application Scenario

60GHz FMCW Radar with NOVELIC Chipset

60GHz FMCW Radar with NOVELIC Chipset