We Are Headed to Niš!



NOVELIC is proud to announce opening of a New Design Centre in Nis, Serbia, operational from April 2019. 

“With a substantial organic growth in last 5 years and average turnover increase of 72% /y, NOVELIC has decided to open the High-Tech Design Facility in Nis, the third largest town and one of the leading university centres in Serbia. The company´s operational capability will be boosted aiming at further development: to acquire the best talents and enable future growth at two high-tech design locations in Serbia”, Mr Darko Tasovac, NOVELIC´s Chief Executive Officer explains.

Our new Centre is located at: 20 Svetosavska Street, Medijana, Nis 

Nis, an antique town (lat. Naissus) is the birthplace of Roman Imperator Constantin proclaiming Christianity as the Roman state religion in the 4th century AC. With the population of close to 300.000 people, and about 70.000 students graduated in 2018, Nis is today playing an important role in technology driven activities for electronics and automotive markets.