NOVELIC Receives US Patent Grant for Emotion Sensor System

NOVELIC is proud to announce the US Patent Grant award for emotion sensor application:

‘Emotion Sensor System’ – US 10,159,435 B1 on 25 Dec 2018

Another patent-granted invention in our portfolio is emotion sensor system based on mm-wave radar. Emotion value can be information about a subject’s mood or a simple alert of excitement or calmness. It is calculated by observing vital signs information obtained by contactless radar sensing. 

“Emotion sensing will play an important role in in-cabin monitoring of the passengers stress and emotions. On the one side, a vehicle in autonomous driving mode will permanently monitor vital signs and stress level of a driver, in order to decide if the driver is capable to take over the manual driving. On the other side, by knowing the mood of a passenger, the vehicle is able to respond accordingly by changing comfort functions, such as: dashboard color, light conditions, change of multimedia content as well as cooling & heating conditions. The vehicle, and general environment is capable of acting upon the stress conditions of the person under observation. Proposed concept ensures a new paradigm in smart contactless sensing and can improve safety and comfort of the user”, Dr Veselin Brankovic, NOVELIC´s Chief Marketing Officer explains.

The proposed apparatus is using mm-wave radar sensing with smart signal processing. 

NOVELIC is a Belgrade based high tech private ltd with a strong design team excelling in: system design, analogue & digital integrated electronics, signal processing and embedded design for industrial & automotive & health care & telco markets. NOVELIC designs technologies for mm-Wave radar sensors.


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Dr Veselin Brankovic, CMO


Belgrade, 14/02/2019