NOVELIC At Embedded World 2020

NOVELIC is traditionally presenting at the leading international trade fair for the embedded community EMBEDDED WORLD 2020 in Nuremberg.

NOVELIC’s highlight topic for this year is – EMBEDDED RADAR Sensor Solutions.

Two innovative radar system solutions with live demonstrations will be presented in our booth:

  • Human Detection & Zone Monitoring
  • Gesture Sensing & Control

The Human Detection & Zone Monitoring approach shows the unique capabilities of mm-wave radar sensors for detecting humans and other objects in a predefined area of observation. The system can distinguish between humans and inanimate objects and report their position, as well as changes of the position with tracking features, in the area of interest. Knowing how many people are in a certain area and their positions can help smart home appliances to offer more service for people on one side and on the other side safety in industrial environment and business environment can be increased, by detecting humans in the harsh and restricted areas.  Its reliability and robustness against environmental conditions make it the ideal sensor for human-robot collaboration and workforce protection in hazardous areas in and around heavy production machinery.

Key Features of the solution: 

  • Detection of human beings in the volumetric detection zone
  • The zone under observation can have up to a 180-degree field of view (FoV)
  • Pinpoint position of humans, independently, if they are moving or not
  • Up to 20m detection range
  • Light conditions and temperature-independent, robust against dust, dirt, fog and humidity 
  • Affordable solution  

Gesture Sensing & Control, as the name reveals, showcases the capabilities of the mm-wave RADAR sensors to detect simple predefined body-gestures and control various equipment. The driving motivation for this solution is providing more comfort and control without touch for health reasons. The demonstration at the Embedded World 2020 will show how a RADAR gesture sensor is used to dim a light based on contactless user input.  The same solution may be used to prevent damages of the vehicle doors or tailgates while opening, as well as for kick movement opening of the luggage compartments of the vehicles or opening the doors and windows. The gesture can be imposed by hand, leg, specific body or machine movement. The proposed radar sensor solution can effectively replace less sensitive capacitive sensors with the same system pricing. 

Key features of this sensor: 

  • Contactless operation 
  • Options to define specific and custom gesture event or group of events to be detected  
  • Seamless invisible integration, with IoT connection option 
  • Robustness against light conditions, beating all type of capacitive sensors in performance and false alarm detection
  • Small size for retrofit installation 
  • Affordable

Besides the exciting embedded radar solutions, at the NOVELIC booth, you can also learn more about the wide range of the company’s high-tech B2B engineering services.

NOVELIC is encouraging all visitors to take this opportunity to start conversations with our experts at Embedded World 2020 to learn more about our products and services. We are happy to give you detailed insight and to share our success stories with leading companies that already use our wide variety of B2B engineering services such as system design, analog IC design, SoC, embedded Hardware, Firmware & Software, mechanical engineering as well as complex signal processing.


Welcome to the future of Embedded RADAR – welcome to Nuremberg!

Visit us at 4-614 Booth!