NOVELIC Logo Update – the Story Behind It


We have recently launched a new NOVELIC logo! It is an integral part of our new branding and represents design improvement that follows up to our stable growth and overall company strategy.

Over the past five and a half years, since the founding of the company, we have had an incredible journey. It was time to rethink our company’s identity. We changed our website last year, and a number of new prospects earned via our website proves its quality.



   NOVELIC logo 2013 –  Summer 2019 

In the very beginning, the original logo was designed by engineers. The idea was that it had two parts in the name: ‘novel’, meaning innovative, unique or original, and ‘IC’, as an acronym for Integrated Circuit or Chip. The company’s name was pronounced as a novel IC, ergo innovative chip.

At that time, back in 2013, co-founders had an idea to design innovative radar chip as an essential part of the whole future radar sensor system. While being still fully dedicated to this vision, NOVELIC is currently developing the entire set of system solutions from concept over signal processing software, antenna solutions, electronics to innovative IC RF and SoC solutions. The new logo is trying to reflect the system approach of NOVELIC, addressing full vertical sub-system integration of the future advanced sensor. The symbol N has a via embedded in the letter, and elegantly communicates that we are the company of electronics experts. We hope that soon, this refined symbol will be instantly recognized by our customers. The second part of our new logotype is the company’s name NOVELIC, written in block letters and pronounced as one word. It better communicates what are we today and where are we going to – a company that develops various competencies with system solutions under one roof. 


New NOVELIC logo launched in Summer 2019


Premium engineering services and innovative radar sensor solutions remain the core of our company’s DNA. We hope you like the evolution of our brand’s identity. Cheers.