Engineering Services

AMS, RF, and mmWave IC Design

We offer design services for AMS, RF, and mmWave integrated circuits, including related layout services.

NOVELIC 57--64-GHz FMCW transmitter IC design

Example of the NOVELIC 57–64-GHz FMCW transmitter with fully integrated frequency synthesizer developed in 130-nm SiGe BiCMOS technology for FMCW & Doppler radar sensors

AMS, RF, and mmWave IC Design Skills

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Work domainTools
System DesignMATLAB and Simulink, Keysight ADS Ptolemy, Verilog-AMS
AMS IC designCadence Design Flow Tools
RF and mmWave IC designKeysight ADS, Cadence Spectre RF, Keysight
Momentum, ANSYS HFSS, Sonnet Suites
IC VerificationMentor Calibre, Cadence Assura Physical Verification,
Cadence PVS
ProgrammingC/C++, Perl, Python, Cadence SKILL, Cadence Ocean


  • CMOS, BiCMOS, SiGe
  • TSMC, TowerJazz, IHP, XFAB, UMC, STM, AMS, TI, GF…
  • 28 nm – 0.35 μm

Project Examples

RF and mmWave IC

  • 77–81-GHz automotive radar sensor, with on-chip FMCW synthesizer based on fractional-N PLL
  • FMCW transmitter covering 57–64-GHz ISM band with output power of +8 dBm and up-to fully programmable chirp configurations
  • 60–GHz industrial radar sensor and nFSK transmitter with on-chip PLL and 7–GHz bandwidth
  • UWB ultra-low power transmitter (IEEE 802.15.4a)
  • UWB sensor design, 3–4 & 7–8 GHz
  • Watch based COSPAS/SARSAT beacon IC
  • UWB 3.1–10.6-GHz transceiver for professional application
  • 2.4–GHz SiGe high-performance direct I/Q demodulator and modulator
  • Automotive radio RF IC design


  • Ultra-high sensitive 3D Hall sensor SoC (AMS ICs) for industrial applications
  • Heat sensor IC
  • Flowmeter IC
  • ADC: 2nd & 3rd order SC Sigma-Delta; CT Sigma-Delta; ultra-high-speed GHz sampling in 28-nm CMOS
  • Integer-N and fractional-N PLLs: from 10 MHz to 81 GHz (with bandwidth up to 11GHz)
  • Support blocks: bias, bandgaps, amps, buffers, LDOs …