NOVELIC offices in the Science Technology Park Belgrade

NOVELIC is the largest worldwide independent provider of mmWave radar sensors and perception solutions.

Our company has over 10 years of market presence and more than 120 engineers in multidisciplinary teams.

We have a large portfolio of mmWave radar sensors and IPs that enable us to develop custom products for automotive, autonomous driving, robotics, Industry 4.0, and IoT systems.

NOVELIC also does full-cycle development of electronics and software systems for ADAS, AGV, and industrial automation, including annotation tools, ECU hardware/software development and testing, and HIL development.


NOVELIC provides excellent working environment

Our solutions are based on the existing in-house developed platforms and various projects we have completed. We have expertise in numerous domains necessary to build today’s complex products – embedded software, hardware, algorithms, machine learning, FPGA, mechanics, functional safety and requirements, and others. Consequently, we are designing pioneering products with a significantly shorter time to market.

NOVELIC has had a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of over 50% in the past 7 years. Our clients include multibillion-euro corporations, SMEs with a worldwide customer network, and innovative startups.

We are active in government-funded research and development projects as well as in tv. In 2016, NOVELIC was selected as one of the best 30 companies out of 300 applicants for the Daimler and Plug&Play innovation platform called STARTUP AUTOBAHN.


Mission and Vision


The NOVELIC mission is to create premium value for our customers and offer high-tech, innovative and affordable solutions – using our technology and experience – for the connected world of today and tomorrow.


Our vision is to be the customer´s first choice company for mm-Wave short range radar sensor modules in the years to come. We want to address dedicated applications scenarios, with tailored, cost-effective, vertical integrated solutions.

We want to grow through long-term partnerships and permanent efforts to improve quality and services with strong investment in our research and development program. The good spirit and motivation of our team, and their appreciation of being part of something important and unique, is what drives us. We understand that our customers will be better served, and performance and cost improved if all aspects of our design activities are addressed simultaneously. This includes the design of the embedded SW & HW, analog & digital IC, ASIC & FPGA, antenna as well as IoT Cloud & Mobile & PC SW Design Services. HIL System Design & Testing, SW & HW testing for fulfilling functional safety, as well as system validation and verification, are rounding out our service offer. Our engineers are involved in complex ML and AI signal processing tasks, including sensor fusion system solution support.

We are continuously working on improving necessary competences in our team, with only the best and highly-motivated people, and providing our customers with quality service.