hypr_™ Radar Data Logger
& Digital Signal Processor

hypr_™ radar data logger and dsp

In science, hyperspace is a space with more than 3 dimensions.
In science fiction, hyperspace refers to a space where travel at faster-than-light speed is possible.

NOVELIC’s hypr_ is a combination of these two concepts: multidimensionality and ultra-high speed.

What is hypr_?

In over 10 years of working on challenging projects with imaging radar, lidar, and camera sensors, our teams have sensed the need for a platform that would be able to capture a high throughput of sensor data and process it as fast as possible. This is why we created the hypr_ platform

An abbreviation of Hybrid Parameterizable Radar Signal Processing Accelerator, this is a hyper-customizable platform for sensor data logging and processing. While mainly designed for radar sensors, hypr_ (hyperspace) supports different variations of vision systems and sensor fusion.

The hypr_ platform consists of two units:

  • hypr_gate – High-speed radar data logger
  • hypr_risc – RISC-V-based radar data signal processor

NOVELIC presents hypr_, the Fastest Radar Data Logger and DSP on the Market

Log, stream, and process data from any type or combination of sensors


hypr_gate is a highly programmable and configurable platform providing a high throughput of radar data streams, optimal for demanding inputs like imaging radars. The logger can log and stream data from multiple sensors to support sensor fusion.

hypr_gate Logger Features:

  • Low-latency streaming
  • Internal/External Data Logging
  • Sensor Fusion Support
  • Sensor Data Analysis and Processing


hypr_risc is a radar hardware accelerator attached to a custom-generated RISC-V-based core. Depending on your performance, size, and power consumption needs, we will create a tailored solution to achieve the maximal possible DSP speed.

hypr_risc Features:

  • Fastest Radar DSP on the Market
  • RF Front-end Agnostic
  • Application-Optimized Performance
  • Custom RISC-V-based Core

hypr_ is:

hypr_™ multidimensional radar data logger and processor

Can support 4D or 5D radar/lidar systems

hypr_™ ultra-fast sensor data streaming

Low-latency streaming of raw or processed data

hypr_™ customizable platform

Modular design, performance optimized for each project