GuideR Radar – Reflector Sensor System

GuideR Technology Concept

“GuideR” system concept introduces a combination of radar sensors with the network of specially designed reflectors. These reflectors provide information about their 3D position and that way radars are able to perfectly scan an area or an object of interest.

Wherever Protection, Guidance and Safety are involved a GuideR system could be used.

Different classes of applications may include:
  • 3D position detection, 3D movement tracking and objects’ shape, based on predefined reflectors positioning on the surfaces of the objects of interest
  • Enhancement of autonomous driving features providing more safety, and additional redundancy in sensor fusion algorithmics.
Existence or nonexistence of the detected marked area with reflectors allows for sets of applications related to safety and security:
  • Detection of established reflectors scattering interruption
  • Classification and/or counting of objects or intrusions passed
  • Lateral movement speed detection, for rotating objects
  • People and objects marking and identification

Examples of Possible Applications:

Autonomous Industrial Machinery – movement in controlled and known area

Autonomous Cranes – precise detection of shape, position and 3D orientation

Link to technology video demonstration

Autonomous Driving and Parking in Known Area – Smart Logistics

Access Control, Personal Security and Safety Enhancement

Link to technology video demonstration

Intrusion Detection/Substitute for Laser System

Link to technology video demonstration

The Technology Behind

GuideR system consists of: