NCORE Embedded Engineering

Premium Embedded Software, Firmware, and Hardware Engineering


NCORE is a specialized division within NOVELIC that offers premium embedded engineering capabilities, including full-stack embedded software development, systems engineering, electronics and mechanics, HIL&SIL test systems, as well as analog and digital chip design. 


NCORE engineering teams have years of experience working on a wide range of embedded projects, including analog and digital hardware design and prototyping, microcontroller programming, multilayer PCB building, evaluation, testing, etc.


Our clients include top automotive OEM and Tier 1 companies as well as blue-chip industrial companies. We offer a holistic approach to embedded systems development, with an emphasis on reliability and speed.


NCORE Embedded Capabilities



Experts to the core.


NCORE Automotive Prototyping


We are the masters of systems thinking, providing a holistic approach to automotive projects.


What we offer:

  • Automotive prototyping
  • AUTOSAR software development
  • Embedded engineering for software-defined vehicles (SDVs)
  • Systems architecture and design (software, electronics, and mechanics)


ncore automotive

NCORE Embedded Offering for Software-Defined Vehicles



  • Hardware-in-the-loop and software-in-the-loop systems for SDV module design and testing
  • Process-compliant for CI/CD/CT



  • Ultra-fast HIL and SIL data logging
  • Multiple streamers, multiple sources
  • High-resolution data timestamping



  • Camera, radar, and lidar annotation
  • Radar/lidar data recording and collection
  • Synthetic dataset generation



  • Camera, radar, and lidar sensor fusion
  • Sensor calibration and synchronization
  • Deep learning fusion algorithms



  • ECU software/hardware development
  • ECU testing, integration, and validation
  • ISO 26262 and AUTOSAR compliance



  • Automotive software/hardware testing and validation
  • SDV module testing and validation
  • ISO 26262, ASPICE conformance testing.



  • Security standards compliance
  • Cloud offerings risk assessment
  • Supplier risk assessment



  • AURIX TriCore DSP and software development and testing
  • ASIL-D and AUTOSAR compliance

NCORE Industrial Device Prototyping


We offer a highly reconfigurable power HIL system for component and system integration testing.

Ideal for electric motors, drive inverters, AC and DC chargers, as well as DC-DC converters.

NCORE Startup Coaching and Consulting


NOVELIC helps you develop a product from scratch through expert consulting in fields where your company lacks experience or manpower. We will guide you through the whole process, from POC and feasibility studies to designing and developing any kind of embedded software, hardware, and firmware you need. Be ahead of the competition with a shorter time-to-market enabled by our supply chain management services – we are able to find all components you may need with short lead times.


  • Expert consulting services

  • POC and feasibility studies

  • Designing and prototyping analog/digital hardware

  • Designing and building multilayer PCBs

  • PCB evaluation and testing

  • Microcontroller programming (bare metal/Linux)

  • Evaluation, verification, and integration of IPs, sensor chips, communication chips, packaged IP prototypes

  • Functional and conformance testing

  • Hardware analysis (FMEDA, tolerance, timing and level analysis, derating)

  • Supply chain management (shorter lead times)

Design of low latency high speed communication protocols

Premium Services Project Example

Complex 65x35cm hardware design for RF telecommunications project


  • Consulting services – providing expertise in antenna design
  • Feasibility study
  • RF design
  • Antenna analysis and simulations
  • Large-scale 8-layer 65x35cm hardware design
  • Design innovations applied to optimize the solution
  • Supply chain management – we provided all necessary components that are hard to obtain in current market conditions
    • Component management with short lead times
    • Chip vendor alignment


NCORE Embedded Workflow


A typical workflow of a generic product

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NCORE Embedded Skills

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Category ReferencesTechnology
Processor PlatformsARM Cortex, Aurix, TriCore, MSP430, PIC, AVR, MIPS…
Embedded Operating SystemsLinux, RTOS, Android…
Wired CommunicationsEthernet, MAC & Network Layer (TCP/IP). Power Line Communications…
Wireless CommunicationsBluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee, sub-GHz Low Power RF (433, 868 MHz)
AudioI2S, AC97, S/PDIF, A2PD. DSP for Professional Audio. ..
Software development & testing toolsEnterprise Architect, M$ Visual Studio
Eclipse, TI Code Composer Studio, CooCox CMSIS.
Visual DSP++
Tessy, PC Lint, PTC Integrity, Polyspace
FPGA Evaluation KitsXilinx: Zynq7, 7-Series Kintex, Virtex6, Spartan6
Altera: Cyclone V, Stratix V, Stratix 10
PCB DesignAltium, Mentor Xpedition


NCORE Embedded Project Samples

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Category ReferencesTechnology
Cost-effective Home Automation SolutionsZigBee Protocol
Software Defined Synthetic InstrumentsHardware Integration
Software and GUI
(open) CAN Protocols in different Automotive ProjectsFull Stack
PLC Powerline Communication
E-cars (AutoSar)
Software Design
Sensor communication systemCommunication protocol system sesign, Hardware, Firmware, Testing, Field Trials
Rotary Angle SensorSystem Design, Hardware, Firmware, Testing, Integration, Calibration, Error Correction
PLC Narrowband SystemAnalogue Front End, Communication Protocols, Telemetry Implementation
Acquisition Boards for Radar SystemsPCB, Baseband Design, Firmware, GUI
Motor Control UnitHW, SW Design & Testing, Derating
HIL-System with high speed multi-channel data loggerHW Design, FPGA Design, Embedded Linux, Board Support, Field Tests
Industrial ToF SensorHW, SW Design & Testing