Engineering Services

We do SoC FPGA & ASIC & Digital Signal Processing

Our team has a hands-on experience for a digital ASIC & FPGA design, and signal processing hard and soft implementation.

We are engaged in highly complex sensor fusion solutions on high speed FPGA multi Gigabit & Multi Channel based (Zynq) HIL-Systems.

Fast and secure communication is our expertise. We know how to implement 802.11ad WiGig, direct multigigabit wireless communication for extreme data quantities with high transfer speed on shorter distances. In parallel to that, we bear a very important knowledge essential in the growing IoT world – Wi-Fi HaLow where significant amount of data is sent on long distances.

Our team-members are experts in custom industrial WiFi based systems, with tailored application driven MACs, robust tailored channel coding and hardwired encryption.

We work on custom SOC digital and AMS designs for sensor data processing.

We have invested significant efforts in algorithm design, and its digital processing hardwired and SW implementation for radar-based sensors.

Design Validation

NOVELIC engineer working on signal processing using own NOVELIC hardware

Workflow FPGA & ASIC & Signal Processing

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Skills FPGA & ASIC & Signal Processing

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Work domainTools
ModellingMATLAB and Simulink, SystemC and C/C++, Python
RTL Design and SimulationVHDL, Verilog, SystemC,
Mentor’s Visual Elite, Xilinx’s System Generator,
Cadence’s Incisive (NC Sim, Sim Vision), Xilinx’s ISE
Simulator, Mentor’s ModelSim
ASIC Implementation ChainCadence’s First Encounter, Synopsis’s Design Compiler Graphical
FPGA Implementation ChainXilinx: Vivado, System Generator, Xilinx ISE etc.
Altera: Quartus, Nios II etc.
Software development & testing toolsC/C++, PythonScripting: tcl, perl, shell
Verification & ValidationSystemC/Verilog/VHDL/Simulink testbenches.
Back- annotated simulations at all design flow points.
RTL verification using scripts for regression (shell, perl, tcl).
Specman, UVM, System Verilog
HW-in-loop testing on FPGA prototypes.
Field trials deployment and assessments.

Project Examples FPGA & ASIC & Signal Processing

  • 802.11b/g- based PHY and MAC layer for a real-time conference system / Tech: FPGA
  • 802.11ad (WiGig) MAC layer Prototype / Tech: FPGA
  • 802.11ad (WiGig) MAC layer / Tech: ASIC 28nm CMOS
  • Video Communication Link for Drones based on 802.11ah Standard (WiFi HaLow) / Tech: FPGA
  • 3Gbps ECMA-387 Transceiver / Tech: FPGA

NOVELIC has in depth expertise for custom industrial proprietary WiFi Systems, with tailored hardwired (VHDL&VERILOG):

  • Modulation schemes
  • Channel coding
  • Encryption
  • MAC supporting specific structure of the end-product logic channels

This provides a direct match to the application enabling full robustness

Xilinx ZynQ FPGA Based HIL Systems

Industrial ASIC/FPGA

  • High-Speed Multi Channel Data Logger on ZynQ
  • Multi Mbps custom communication protocol for industrial sensor communication, with low latency.
    • Tech: FPGA
  • Intelligent Battery Sensor with LIN Interface
    • Tech: ASIC 130nm CMOS
  • Hall Sensor Controller
    • Tech: ASIC 350nm CMOS
  • Power Management Controller
  • Front End Design in Verilog

Signal Processing & Image Processing

  • MPEG-2 10Mbs Video Link with ultra-low latency
    • Tech: FPGA
  • HW accelerators in a 2015 tablet
    • Tech: ASIC 22nm CMOS
  • Wavelet transforms of thermal camera video to get heartbeat
    • Tech: Modelling (Matlab and Python)
  • Sensor fusion algorithmic (MEMS, Temperature, Magnetic Sensors…)
    • Tech: Modelling (Matlab)