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We do Embedded Systems HW&SW&FW

We know how to design and prototype analog and digital hardware, design and build multilayer PCBs, evaluate and test them, as well as program microcontrollers, both bare metal and under Linux. Thanks to years of experience, we do work in a structured way applying a fast and pragmatic approach. Our team with system design projects background has been highly skillful and experienced in working with blue chip companies in the automotive and industrial sectors.

We are a superb partner for evaluation, verification and integration of IPs, sensors chips, communication chips and packaged IP prototypes generally. For fast prototyping of algorithm development and control/monitor of systems for a particular Device Under Text, we use/know Matlab/Simulink and Lab View. We have a genuine hands-on experience in testing (Functional, Conformance) and hardware analysis (FMEDA, Tolerance, timing and level analysis, Derating). We know how to extract maximum from the system and boost its robustness up to its capacity limits.

Key Facts (points)


NOVELIC embedded mobile miniature e-vehicle platform introducing different sensors platforms, wireless remote control and real time data transfer.


Design of low latency high speed communication protocols

Embedded Workflow

A typical workflow of a generic product

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Embedded Skills

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Category References Technology
Processor Platforms ARM Cortex, Aurix, TriCore, MSP430, PIC, AVR, MIPS…
Embedded Operating Systems Linux, RTOS, Android…
Wired Communications Ethernet, MAC & Network Layer (TCP/IP). Power Line Communications…
Wireless Communications Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee, sub-GHz Low Power RF (433, 868 MHz)
Audio I2S, AC97, S/PDIF, A2PD. DSP for Professional Audio. ..
Software development & testing tools Enterprise Architect, M$ Visual Studio
Eclipse, TI Code Composer Studio, CooCox CMSIS.
Visual DSP++
Tessy, PC Lint, PTC Integrity, Polyspace
FPGA Evaluation Kits Xilinx: Zynq7, 7-Series Kintex, Virtex6, Spartan6
Altera: Cyclone V, Stratix V, Stratix 10
PCB Design Altium, Mentor Xpedition

Embedded Project Samples

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Category References Technology
Cost-effective Home Automation Solutions ZigBee Protocol
Software Defined Synthetic Instruments Hardware Integration
Software and GUI
(open) CAN Protocols in different Automotive Projects Full Stack
PLC Powerline Communication
E-cars (AutoSar)
Software Design
Sensor communication system Communication protocol system sesign, Hardware, Firmware, Testing, Field Trials
Rotary Angle Sensor System Design, Hardware, Firmware, Testing, Integration, Calibration, Error Correction
PLC Narrowband System Analogue Front End, Communication Protocols, Telemetry Implementation
Acquisition Boards for Radar Systems PCB, Baseband Design, Firmware, GUI
Motor Control Unit HW, SW Design & Testing, Derating
HIL-System with high speed multi-channel data logger HW Design, FPGA Design, Embedded Linux, Board Support, Field Tests
Industrial ToF Sensor HW, SW Design & Testing