360° Vehicle Perception – ASPER

ASPER 360° Perception Radar for Passenger Vehicles and Transportation

360 degree radar perception
  • Rear and side radar solutions with sensor processing on sensor modules
  • Aftermarket & retrofit capability
  • Front, side, and rear radar sensors for trucks, mining, construction, and agriculture machines
  • 360° collision avoidance and navigation radar sensor for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)
  • Rear and side warning radar sensors for e-bikes, motorcycles, and 3-wheelers

Why Choose NOVELIC

We have great expertise in radar sensor development, allowing quick time to market for products and system solutions. Our proprietary IPs enable next-level radar sensor perception processing for environment awareness, including object detection and tracking as well as optional human detection and tracking.

ASPER Sensor Key Features

  • Prevents collision with moving/stationary objects
  • Removes blind spots
  • Provides optional people detection and tracking
  • Allows aftermarket and retrofit installation
  • Offers customizable housing and interfaces
  • Interfaces: RS232, CAN, or custom
  • Mechanical enclosures that fit industry standards 
  • Optional delivery of radar sensor PCB with flashed NOVELIC software for further integration into customer’s own housing
  • Senses targets in the 0.05-30m range
  • Detects moving and stationary objects
  • Simultaneously tracks up to 20 targets
  • Contains built-in safety self-diagnostics
  • Requires no external data processing
  • Provides simple analog I/O pins for event triggers

ASPER Sensor

Rear and side radar for transportation vehicles


A 120-degree field of view provides rear and side blind spot monitoring and detects any moving or stationary objects in the areas of customizable position and size.

rear and side radar for trucks
rear side radar for construction vehicles

Front/side/rear radars for mining, construction, and agriculture machines


IP69K-rated for heavy-duty use in dust, sand, mud, and all kinds of terrains. Works flawlessly in the temperature range between -40 and 85°C and can endure heavy.

360° collision avoidance and navigation for AGVs


Enables easy navigation of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) by providing 360-degree detection of moving and stationary obstacles with range accuracy of under 5 centimeters.

360° collision avoidance and navigation for AGVs
rear warning sensor for e-bikes

Rear warning radar for e-bikes, motorcycles, and 3-wheelers


Designed for all types of 2- and 3-wheelers, ASPER provides an additional layer of safety by alarming the rider if a moving or stationary object appears in the proximity of their rear end.

Why the ASPER Sensor?

  • Increased life and asset protection
  • Unaffected by dirt, mud, or sand
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Optional 180° field of view for a single radar module
  • Easy aftermarket and retrofit installation
  • Works in all lighting conditions
  • Advanced blind spot and side view monitoring, collision avoidance, human detection&tracking
  • Customizable obstacle & zone detection ranges
  • IP housing protection level, according to applications
  • Optional radar sensor subsystem delivery for further integration in the customer’s own housing

ASPER Sensor Overview

asper sensor increased safety

Increased Safety

asper sensor blind spot monitoring

Blind Spot Monitoring

asper sensor human detection and tracking

Human Detection and Tracking

asper sensor collision avoidance

Collision Avoidance