Engineering Services

We do Antenna Designs and 3D Electromagnetic Simulations

The NOVELIC Antenna team provides company support for development of RF applications in the Automotive, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Radar Sensor and Module, Antenna System modeling and many other fields. Antenna team works closely with other NOVELIC departments to develop custom sensors and solutions for specific applications such as NoraSens, GuideR, human detection, seat occupancy and others.

NOVELIC provides full scope of electromagnetic service modelling and design for:

  • Planar and metallic antenna systems
  • Microwave and MM-Wave Transitions and Packaging
  • 3D-model lump model extractions from high frequency structures
  • 3D EMC & Field Propagation Design

NOVELIC also provides mmWave radar and communication test services for:

  • Radar Cross Section simulation
  • Radar target classification
  • ADAS emulation for radar targets
  • Antenna measurement, validation, qualification

Different antenna designs can be performed, covering commercial wireless solutions in licensed and unlicensed ISM frequency bands up to 120 GHz. Depending on frequency bands, gains of up to 30 dBi can be achieved.

We have experience in design tools such as:

  • EM solvers:
    • CST Studio Suite
    • WIPL-D Pro CAD
    • ADS Momentum

  • Circuit solvers:
    • ADS
    • AWR Microwave Office


Antenna Design Project Examples

NOVELIC holds IP rights for its high gain planar antenna structures in microwave and mm-wave bands, featuring planar feed, and high tolerance robustness.


Designed antenna and 3D radiation pattern at 60 GHz, obtained by CST simulation


Prototype of high gain 60 GHz test planar antenna array (3x3cm)


Test antenna systems integrated with NOVELIC Radar Test Chip at 60 GHz


MM-wave measurement environment up to W band


24 GHz, 60 GHz & 79 GHz Radar Modules with integrated antennas


Various antennas designed by NOVELIC Antenna Team

  • 8 X 8 elements
  • 60 GHz NOVELIC IP Dipole Model
  • 3D Modeling with coupling effects

Scanning Simulation


Example of 60 GHz Phased Array Antenna Simulation