Novelic announces 2017 results and presents 2017 operations overview

Novelic is proud to announce the 2017 revenue showing 150% increase and profitable operations.

“With the revenue increase by over 150% in 2017, CAGR of 74% over a four-year period, 2013-2017 and a gross margin larger than 20%, Novelic proves a continued growth trajectory. The customer portfolio of several multi-billion international high-tech corporations, as well as a significant number of high-tech innovative companies in automotive & industrial area, demonstrates a strong capability to deliver and ensure basis for a long-term high-tech cooperation. NovelIc technologies and expertise in automotive radar sensor area have significantly and increasingly contributed to its revenue. Internal R&D efforts have strongly been enhanced and backed by a highly successful IP protection strategy. The company operations in 2017 have successfully been supported by newly introduced cross sectional organisational structure, allowing for the future grow and smooth operations.” Mr Darko Tasovac, Novelic Chief Executive Officer explains.

Novelic is a Belgrade based high tech private ltd. with a strong design team in: system design, analog & digital integrated electronics, signal processing and embedded design for industrial & automotive & health care & telco markets. Novelic designs technologies for mm-Wave radar sensors. We cannot but emphasise that Novelic has demonstrated a profitable operation with 74% CAGR in a four-year period, 2013-2017.

For more information:
Dr Veselin Brankovic, CMO
Belgrade, 07/02/2018